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Creamy Corn Vellutata, Gluten-Free Recipe

Creamy Corn Vellutata, Gluten-Free Recipe

The importance of the ingredients.

Develop new recipes starting from one or more ingredients that from inspiration become a dish. The ingredients have a meaning that transcends form and utility, they are the wings of my imagination.

When inspiration becomes an idea, it doesn’t give me peace until it can drag me into the kitchen. Once I get there, the tasting phase begins. For each test I usually note down with the date in a notebook. Up to the latest version, that you read here, on the pages of my blog.

Creamy Corn Vellutata, Gluten-Free Recipe

Ingredients and colors, always in season.

In my home cookbook I wrote many soup and cream and minestra recipes, I love to choose each week a different comfort food recipe. Easy to make to do, healthy and delicious.

When I’m not cooking traditional dishes, recipes that I generally prefer to respect except for small adjustments to lighten not change the taste, and I am instead developing a new recipe, the inspiration usually comes from the ingredient. Always in season or indicated by a company, if I am working for a customer.

But even the colors inspire me so much. That’s how corn velvet is born. After having admired several images of potato soups, super-colored thanks to the addition of spices, I had a great desire to reproduce more than the taste, that bright yellow.
But with a different accent.

On the blog you can already find a recipe for potato soup, while I wanted to add a dish different from those you can find on the blog in the Soups section.

This corn vellutata cheers up the mood and warms the belly.
And above all, it’s interesting for several reasons.

Corn Vellutata Recipe

Make a note of this genius recipe: I used already-boiled corn and beans. With ingredients already cooked, preparation and cooking time are greatly reduced.

The corn vellutata is perfect for the most busy days when the time doesn’t seem to be enough for everything we should and would like to do. And, often, we end up leaving out important things. Like, for example, taking care of ourselves through what we eat. Red pencil error.

I’d like to add that I think it’s a Chic&Cheap recipe (if you click on the tag, you’ll find others of this kind), that is cheap and appetizing. Two other aspects that I try to take into consideration in my everyday kitchen.

Before leaving you to Food Tips and Recipe, I remind you that vegetable creams are a comfort food that warms and nourishes. And that they are also perfect for those who are on a diet (or desperately trying to make it).

Buckle up your apron and have a good time.

xo, Monica

Creamy Corn Vellutata, Gluten-Free Recipe

Food Tips

If you use vegetable broth, you get a tastier dish, alternatively water will be fine.

You can use the seeds you prefer or use several varieties of seeds. I used sunflower seeds, but pumpkin or chia are also good.

I have chosen crown beans but you can also use borlotti.

For the creamy heart (the white part you see in the photos but that you can also not add), use what you have in the fridge. Even a spoonful of milk or cream are ok. Again, even for the quantity you can adjust according to your taste (for example, at the end of the post -after the recipe- you’ll find a corn vellutata photo of a creamier version).

If you want to make the yellow color of the corn vellutata more intense, add 1/2 sachet of saffron, it also corrects the sweetness of the corn in case you prefer a stronger taste, or a small teaspoon of turmeric. I don’t recommend curry because it change completely the taste of the dish.

Creamy Corn Vellutata Recipe

serves 2

corn, about 125 g
crown beans, 100g
grated parmesan cheese, 100g
1/2 leek
vegetable stock, 1 l
1 knob of butter; salt and olive oil q.b.

sunflower seeds to decorate
Creamy Heart: 1/2 tablespoon of soft cheese per person


Chop the leek into small pieces and sauté it, with butter and a tablespoon of olive oil, in a pot on low heat, stirring often.

In the meantime, rinse corn and beans under running water.

Set aside a couple of tablespoons of corn and add the rest, with all the beans, in the pot where you stewed the leek, stir, cook over a medium-low heat for a few minutes and add the broth. Season slightly, 1/2 teaspoon, with coarse salt and bring to the boil.

Bring to a boil, then lower the heat, cook for another 5 minutes, then turn off, add parmigiano reggiano and reduce to cream with a hand blender until you’ll obtain a smooth and homogeneous velvet (vellutata).

Serve it warm and don’t forget to decorate each holster with the corn set aside and lightly toasted sunflower seeds in a frying pan.

Creamy Corn Vellutata, Gluten-Free Recipe

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