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Radicchio salad with plums, Roquefort and prosciutto cubes

Radicchio salad with plum, Roquefort and prosciutto crudo cubes

In Italy, the season of red and field mixed radicchio, with its glowing colors, begins with the arrival of autumn.

I am just buying some ruby red radicchio when I see crimson plums.
Thinking about the sweetness of the fruit and the bitterness of the radicchio, I buy both.

Radicchio salad with plum, Roquefort and prosciutto crudo cubes

Salad, always in season

Depending on the time of year, a salad can be a fresh dish ready in a short time. But it could accompany warm and rich winter dishes.

On the occasion of Sunday lunch or a celebration, I always like to present a fresh salad among other cooked vegetable sides.

I always choose fresh, local produce to make a salad.
I like to combine traditional flavors and have fun trying new and unusual ones. I never forget to add a bit of love because, as simple as a salad is, eating is, first and foremost, an act of love.

Salads are the right option to vary the weekly menu and eat more vegetables and fruit. All you need to do is organize your weekly shopping to have fresh ingredients.

For example, you could start buying a notebook to write the seasonal ingredients, then combine a few recipes for each one. You’ll be surprised how versatile the world of salads is and that the Mediterranean diet will make you feel good, almost like coming home after a long absence. I take some time out to plan the menu for the week.

When I start to cook for the week, I am happy because preparing daily meals will not be a puzzle but just pure cooking pleasure. And above all, I have time to try new recipes.


Autumn Salad Recipe

Radicchio salad

It is a salad that honors a food category that deserves more consideration.

I buy a couple of radicchios and a handful of plums. Thinking about what other ingredients I need to complete an autumn salad recipe, I choose Roquefort because its herbal and woodland flavor goes well with the radicchio. And Parma ham (prosciutto crudo), whose tanginess gives the plums the right boost.

Roquefort is a French goat’s milk cheese with a strong flavor.
If you can’t find it, you can substitute it with Italian Gorgonzola or another semi-hard cheese with an intense taste.

You can pair this salad with roast chicken stuffed with chestnuts (here) or glazed roast pork loin (recipe here). Or you can pair it with easy dishes such as orange-fleshed potato, onion, Parmigiano flan, or drunken pork chop (here).

Buona cucina, Monica

Looking for some inspiration?

Here you will find my recipes for Salads and Sides.

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Insalata radicchio rosso, susine, Roquefort, cubetti di crudo

Food tip

You can replace the plums with red table grapes. After washing the grapes, leave some whole and cut the others in half.

Radicchio salad with plums, Roquefort and Parma cubes

serves 4
List of Ingredients

200 g radicchio or seasonal salad (preferably red)
6-7 red plums or red grapes
120g Roquefort cheese
200g of diced prosciutto crudo
Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt to taste
chilli powder to taste


Cut the ham into cubes, place in a bowl and sprinkle with a pinch of chili, if you like it, and a little olive oil. Use your fingers to massage the cubes and leave them to rest for at least 30 minutes.

Wash and cut the radicchio.

Wash and cut the plums in half, stone them, and cut them into wedges or slices.

Cut the cheese into cubes.

Place the salad on a serving plate and dress with a pinch of salt, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

Radicchio salad

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