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Sweet and sour red onions in homemade fruit vinegar
Sweet and sour red onions in homemade fruit vinegar
Passata, sauces, jams, marmalades, syrups, juices, homemade canning fruit, and pickles. There were also giardiniera and sweet and sour red onions. And au naturel cherry tomatoes or long tomatoes close into jars with just a few basil leaves. Decades have passed since, season after season, production was mostly homemade. The home pantry was rich and well-stocked. Going to…
Isabella grape jam recipe
Red Isabella grape jam recipe
Have you ever tasted Isabella grape?   Isabella grape: the origin It is a cross between two grape varieties and was imported from the United States in the first half of the 19th century when the phylloxera epidemic, a disease that attacks vines, hit European vines hard. The Isabella grape, both for table and wine, is either red…
Cherry and walnut jam recipe
Cherry and walnut jam and a day at the market
Cherry and walnut jam. One spring-summer fruit and one of the autumn. Fresh fruit and "shell fruit". Together they make a perfect pair. At the market. The fruits of the first spring month, the month of may, bring the promise of summer in their colors. Strawberries and cherries dye the market stalls red, anticipating the juicy freshness and bright…
How to Make Homemade Old-Fashioned Preserves
How to Make Homemade Old-Fashioned Preserves
New post from my kitchen pantry on how to make homemade old-fashioned preserves like an Italian nonna. But keeping in mind today's needs! If you're in the mood for jams and marmalades, even cooked-and-eaten, but  a genuine, old-style taste, you might need a post with Grandma's advice. What I've learnt. There was a time when at home many…
Homemade Apple Strudel Jam
Preserve The Season: Homemade Apple Strudel Jam
My first recipe of 2019 is very simple. It's an in season homemade jam made with crunchy and scented apples where I added the flavor of the strudel cake. Who knows Apple Strudel? It has its roots in the 17th century and today is one national dishes of Austria. Very common in all Tyrol, you can find…
Italian melon and peach jam
My melon and peach jam recipe. And a bunch of summer things
Late summer. A mid-season I love. I like the mixed feelings I associate with it. There is the melancholy for a past I can still smell and the energy-filled anticipation of new projects. The period between late August and September is magic, like its light. It is as if the air, all of a sudden, becomes solid, dyeing…
Strawberry jam recipe
Two recipes for strawberry jam and a bunch of memories
Spring. Blue skies and clouds that look like whipped cream. Blooming meadows, the buzzing of bees, and jars to fill with strawberry jam. At the beginning of the Spring, I start to find the first strawberries at the market. But only tardive strawberry is the best produce for fragrant homemade jam jars. Indeed early produce is more expensive, less tasty,…
Kiwi And Pink Grapefruit Chutney. Bittersweet Recipe
Pink Grapefruit And Kiwi Chutney. Bittersweet Recipe
Pink grapefruit and kiwi chutney is fragrant and colorful. It is a perfect complement to a plate of assorted cheeses in the evening, or for lunch or aperitivo. But it's Excellent to enjoy also with a cold meat dish. If you are planning to organize a informal lunch, aperitif or dinner, prepare an assorted chopping…
Celery and Mustard Seeds Chutney Recipe
Celery and Mustard Seeds Chutney Recipe
Celery chutney seems to be made for the cheese board. In my opinion, one of the flavours it goes best with. Celery chutney. Celery is not only good in pinzimonio or indispensable for soffritto which is the basis for many dishes and the soul of ragù alla Bolognese. You need a few crisp white stalks, a handful…

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