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Main Course

Erbazzone Reggiano (swiss chard pie). A treasure recipe from Emilia
Erbazzone pie (swiss chard pie). A treasure recipe from Emilia
There is a land with indefinite borders, which is the South of the North and the North of the South: someone calls it Emilia (E. Berselli, Italian writer born and raised in Emilia) The city of Reggio Emilia is the birthplace of one of the most satisfying Italian snacks: erbazzone or scarpazzone , a hearty, savory…
Salame matto (fake salami). A recipe from cucina povera of Romagna
Salame matto (fake salami). A recipe from cucina povera of Romagna
Salame matto (fake salami) is a typical meatloaf from the humble cuisine of Romagna that brings to mind many a family meal, especially Easter lunch. First of all, I think a clarification is necessary. Some Italian recipes, in the title, contain the adjective finto (fake) or matto (which translates as crazy but has value as…
Mortadella and veal rifreddo (meatloaf)
Mortadella and veal rifreddo (meatloaf)
Rifreddo, galantina, stuffed chicken and capon are classic dishes of Bolognese cuisine. They represent one of the happiest expressions of local home cooking. The Bolognese table is welcoming in flavor and appealing to the eye. And recipes, even if rich in character and ingredients, never recall food porn. On the contrary, the local gastronomic culture doesn't lack a certain…
Herb-stuffed pork loin recipe: ho to make it
Herb-stuffed pork loin recipe: how to make it
Loin, tenderloin, and loin with bones are three distinct parts from the same part of the pork. The tenderloin is the part near the thigh, the loin with bones is the part with the ribs, and the loin is the final part of the back of the pig. The pork loin is a lean and valuable cut…
Stuffed lettuce rolls
Stuffed lettuce rolls, Romagna peasant recipe
I am in Puster Valley, where, even in the middle of August, the mountains provide sun-kissed summer days and more than acceptable temperatures. As I am every Friday, I am at the farmers' market in Bruneck (in that Instagram post, I talked about my protracted stay in a village in the Italian Alps).   At the farmer's market…
Chicken cacciatora: recipe from Romagna
Chicken cacciatore: recipe from Romagna
The recipe for chicken cacciatore is part of the Italian peasant tradition, and you should know the dish knows many variations. In addition to regional differences, almost every family guards its own version. Its preparation ignites debate. For example, there is debate about the base (oil or lard? Sautéed or garlic?), whether there should be tomato, flavorings…
Bolognese cutlet recipe
Bolognese cutlet: traditional recipe from Bologna
Among traditional Italian meat cutlet recipes, in addition to the Milanese and the one known as elephant's ear or the Viennese, the Bolognese cutlet also deserves a place of honor. It is a recipe that today you can often find revisited with heavy cream or cheese to speed up preparation and accentuate fat taste, considered wrongly…
Stuffed Fennel. Ancient recipe from Bologna
Stuffed Fennel. Ancient recipe from Bologna
Stuffed fennel recipe, Bolognese style. And perhaps the statement alone represents news. In fact, people are unlikely to associate fennel, a vegetable, with the typicalities of Bologna. Bologna is the home of tortellini, lasagna, tagliatelle and cured meats, primarily mortadella. And charcuterie and fresh pasta are indeed two relevant cornerstones in its gastronomic history, but, in the…

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