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Rice and Grains

Rice bomb (bomba di riso), recipe from Emilia-Romagna
Rice bomb (bomba di riso), recipe from Emilia-Romagna
The rice bomb is a flan. And flan, in Italian sformato, is the name we used to call it at home. It must be said, however, that it is an Emilian rather than a Romagna dish. In fact, each Emilian province has its own version of the recipe. You can find the bomb bolognese, the one from…
Bladder campion risotto
Bladder campion risotto, a vegetarian recipe of Romagna
Bladder campion in Italian are stridoli, or strigoli. Nonna often used this wild herb. She used to make a typical vegetarian ragù of Romagna, or risotto,  frittata , potato and bladder campion schiacciata (a sort of thin focaccia), and maltagliati soup in chicken broth. She also used it as a filling for  tortelli . I…
Risotto prosciutto e melone
Prosciutto and melon risotto recipe: summery and fragrant
It isn't a rice salad but a risotto. Summery. A risotto with prosciutto crudo (ham) and melon. A countryside lunch. I don't remember where the inspiration for the recipe came from, but it has been part of my summer repertoire for about twenty years, and I can't forget the first time I cooked this risotto. It was summer,…
Rice Cake of Bologna
Traditional Rice Cake (Torta di Riso) of Bologna
Rice cake (Torta di riso) is typical of Bologna. Once, it was called  Torta degli Addobbi  (Cake of the Decorations). Its name comes from the religious Feast of Decorations. On that occasion, people traditionally made and served it. Feast of Decorations During the late and early medieval period, heretical theories flourished that questioned the role…
Risotto al rosmarino e limone
Lemon And Rosemary Risotto. And That Need To Re-Define
Rice, rosemary, lemon. During cooking, the rice absorbs the citrus notes of the lemon and the herbaceous ones of the rosemary, creating a dish that reveals an incredible flavor from the first taste. My first taste of rosemary risotto. I was at Podere Ciona, in Chianti, when I first tasted this risotto prepared by my friend's mother.…
Rice casserole with potatoes and mushrooms
Rice casserole with potatoes and mushrooms. Pure comfort food
When I think about comfort food, firstly, I guess steaming dishes like this rice casserole with potato and mushrooms, a revisitation of a famous Italian dish from the South, rice, potato, and mussels  tiella. But what exactly does comfort food mean anyway? However, I suppose it changes for each of us, above all today, with…
Risotto with Goji Berry, Taleggio, Candied Orange Zest
Over the weekend I organized a dinner to taste this new and easy risotto recipe I developed for Riserva San Massimo farm. Conversing with friends about food and its connection, I argued that the tale of tales tells about food. What do you think? The beauty of the world, man’s labour, nature’s gifts and its inspirations. The seasons…
Insalata di farro
Spelt Salad with Figs and Grapes from my Summer Repertoire
This spelt salad is one classic from my summer cooking repertoire. People who love summer salads, please, take note of this recipe. It will be one of your next favorite. Maybe. I hope. The reasons why I love this dish are many and varied. It is one of that dish I cook for all the Summer…
Polpette di riso al limone
Lemon rice balls recipe with coconut tomato sauce
It is often a simple recipe that gives me unexpected satisfaction. Like these lemon rice balls. Fragrant, soft, even voluptuous. From my grandmother, I learned to recycle leftover rice to make meatballs. Usually, it is already seasoned rice that I mix with an egg. If it is white rice, I add grated Parmigiano, salt, and nutmeg in addition…

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