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Baby octopus stew and chickpea polenta. Romagna style
Baby octopus stew and chickpea polenta. Romagna style
I am walking through the streets of the  Quadrilatero , which, in Bologna, has been a market area since the Middle Ages. I stop to look at the fish displayed on the counters of a fish market, and following an impulse, I buy some baby octopus. With the bag in my hand and in…
Fish cappelletti. Romagna stuffed pasta
Fish cappelletti of Adua. Romagna stuffed pasta
Some flavors evoke positive thoughts related to people who loved us. Cappelletti di Magro makes me think of Adua. She and her home tailoring lab are among the fond memories of my childhood and adult life. Cappelletti of Romagna Cappelletti is a stuffed pasta typical of Romagna. The name literally means "little-hats". You can find cappelletti filled with meat…
Grandma's white fish balls recipe
Grandma’s white fish balls and seafood a la Romagnola
I have a distinct memory of my first experience with a seafood dish. And it was not white fish balls, but rather a brodetto. Or fish soup, as grandma often called it. The restorative meatballs came later. But let's go in order. With the arrival of the dish, I smelled a pleasant fragrance. Then I saw pieces of different fishes…
The authentic spaghetti Bolognese recipe of Bologna
The authentic spaghetti Bolognese recipe of Bologna
There are two recipes for spaghetti Bolognese. One belongs to the local tradition of Bologna; the second one originates from overseas. Spaghetti Bolognese of Bologna is pasta seasoned with tuna sauce, an American cousin with meat sauce. Both recipes were born in the place I love the most: the home kitchen. And from here,…
Tuna loaf recipe
Tuna loaf and the relationship between Bologna and tuna fish
Tuna loaf is present all over Italy. But, even if it could seem an original thing, under the Two Towers, Bolognese people consider it their traditional recipe. A close relationship. It is indeed an odd couple. After all, Bologna is not a seaside town. Yet this city, where you can find so many seafood recipes, has…
Whole Wheat Focaccia with Tuna, Borlotti, Onion and Corn
The one with tuna, borlotti and onion is one of the best salads for me. It's one of my favorites besides being one of the most famous and iconic among the Italian salad recipes. It's a combo of flavors that makes you think of summer and outdoor meals around big table with family or friends, good…

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