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Bologna Food

Stuffed tortelli with salame rosa, cheese, and sage pears
Stuffed cappelletti with salame rosa, cheese and sage pears
About stuffed cappelletti and failures in the kitchen. I am a home cook, and my teachers have been the grandmothers, aunts and azdore who frequented my home kitchen. Often the teaching was unintentional. In most cases, I learned through what I saw and the molecules of scented particles I breathed in. The kitchen and I I cooked, for…
Bolognese cutlet recipe
Bolognese cutlet: traditional recipe from Bologna
Among traditional Italian meat cutlet recipes, in addition to the Milanese and the one known as elephant's ear or the Viennese, the Bolognese cutlet also deserves a place of honor. It is a recipe that today you can often find revisited with heavy cream or cheese to speed up preparation and accentuate fat taste, considered wrongly…
Crescente con i ciccioli
Stories of focaccia with lardo and a yellow school bus
Focaccia with lardo is a masterpiece among Bologna's recipes. Even if, in Bologna, the typical focaccia is called  crescente. There are two different kinds of focaccia. Exists a kind of short crescente ("e" ending, don't miss) made with finely minced prosciutto mixed into the dough. It is simply delicious. And then there is a more leavened…
Stuffed Fennel. Ancient recipe from Bologna
Stuffed Fennel. Ancient recipe from Bologna
Stuffed fennel recipe, Bolognese style. And perhaps the statement alone represents news. In fact, people are unlikely to associate fennel, a vegetable, with the typicalities of Bologna. Bologna is the home of tortellini, lasagna, tagliatelle and cured meats, primarily mortadella. And charcuterie and fresh pasta are indeed two relevant cornerstones in its gastronomic history, but, in the…
Bean broth recipe
Bean broth with passatelli. Peasant broth recipe
Bean broth is one dish of Italian cucina povera that belongs to my family history and the area where I was born and raised. It was the broth of peasants. Today it is a forgotten recipe that deserves new attention. The pot of bean broth is vegetarian, gluten and lactose-free, and cheap. Terroir, between poetry and pragmatism There…
Spinach Balanzoni: a typical pasta from Bologna
Spinach Balanzoni: a typical pasta from Bologna
"I would like to ask you if you have any information about the history of the Balanzoni recipe, which is now a popular dish in Bolognese restaurants, but, as the Bolognese I am, I don't remember ever having eaten as a child" (signed email). To tell you about the history of Balanzoni, green pasta dough filled with…
Fried polenta recipe
Tricks and home recipe for fried polenta
Polenta warmed so many winter evenings of my childhood. Warm and soft or firm and sliced and topped with melted cheese. And, of course, fried polenta was always welcomed with joy. The polenta Grandma Sara often cooked polenta. In addition to the best-known one made with cornmeal, yellow or white, she also made it using chickpea or semolina…
Potato flan with cheese and mortadella
Sformato di patate / Potato flan with cheese and mortadella
The recipe for potato flan, in this case, stuffed with cheese and mortadella, makes me think back to the months I spent in Bonn, Germany. And to how much the kitchen, understood as a physical place, is, at least for me, an important space. I have lived in different places and houses for longer and shorter…
Pinza of Bologna. A typical cupboard ciambella
Pinza of Bologna. A typical cupboard ciambella
Pinza of Bologna is a recipe that speaks Bolognese. It is a pantry cake made with a few simple ingredients. It was once a typical homemade preparation that was never missing from the table of Bolognese families, especially those of peasant origin. Pinza and sweet mustard: two typical products of Bologna The recipe for pinza first appears…

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