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Vino caldo recipe, the mulled wine of Romagna
Vino caldo recipe, the mulled wine of Romagna
In Romagna, mulled wine was called vino caldo (warm wine). I use a form in the past tense since only a handful of memories and a few mentions in gastronomic collections of Romagna cuisine, above all dated ones, survive on that drink, which Romagna peasants used to fight winter frost and seasonal ailments. The mulled wine implies…
Peach leaf liqueur
Peach leaf liqueur recipe. An old fashioned aromatic wine
Over the centuries, men and women who have chosen to live in monasteries have created a cuisine that reflects the simplicity and composure of their lives. The recipes from the monastic tradition celebrate much of what we have lost these days as the seasonality of produce and natural processes. The cuisine of the convents Monks and nuns…
No-sugar strawberry milkshake recipe
Eighties, hamburger and strawberry milkshake
I was born and raised in a small Italian town surrounded by the countryside. Those who are born in a village know it. Life flows slowly. I consider myself lucky. Otherwise, I would not be here telling the story of a small-town milkshake. The Popeye's strawberry milkshake. The eighties and life in a small town Today everything is…
flowery iced tea
A glass of flowery iced tea on a summer afternoon
While scribbling notes that will become to-do lists, drafts of recipes, or thoughts that I "park" on paper ready for take-off like in a hangar, I reach out a distracted hand towards the glass of iced tea. The cool liquid trickles down my throat, generating a flood of memories. So pleasant that I put my pen…
Nocino (walnut liqueur)
How to make Italian Nocino, liquor recipe from Emilia-Romagna
The nocino is an ancient liquor recipe traditionally made in June between the Summer solstice and San Giovanni celebrations. Although the solstice usually falls on the 21st, the longest day of the year, rituals celebrated in the countryside have always given great importance to the 24th, St. John's Day, believing that the night between the 23rd…
Lemon Barley Water Recipe, Summer Refreshing Soft Drinks
Lemon Barley Water Recipe, Summer Refreshing Soft Drinks
Lemonade yes, barley water no. When I was a child, and even afterward. Until I decided to correct the traditional taste of barley water. Instead of an almond drink, I prefer the fresher taste of lemon. A strange reconciliation. The last barley soft drink I drank was in Plaza Mayor in Madrid on one of the strangest nights of…
Homemade Fruit Syrups And The Bonfire Season
Homemade Fruit Syrups And The Bonfire Season
How hot it was around those fires. When I reached the countryside in the early afternoon, work was almost finished. And at the end of the day I was stunned by the number of jars and bottles of jams, syrups or passata di pomodoro that had been made and found place in the wooden boxes,…
Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix (Gluten Free Recipe)
Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix (Gluten Free Recipe)
In season? Hot chocolate mix! Here's something that, in winter, can't miss in my kitchen pantry. The hot chocolate mix seems to be a family traditions. Among the pages of an old family cookbook, where my grandmother Sara used to write her recipes, I found her recipe for homemade hot chocolate mix. It isn't that. What…
Elderflower Syrup Recipe
Homemade elderflower syrup recipe
I walked under those fragrant flowers for years before discovering they were elderflowers and that I could use them in cooking. Every year since then, I have used the flowers to make a few bottles of elderberry syrup, which I then use as a base to create simple thirst-quenching drinks or the famous Hugo cocktail. But the…

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