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Stuffed lettuce rolls
Stuffed lettuce rolls, Romagna peasant recipe
I am in Puster Valley, where, even in the middle of August, the mountains provide sun-kissed summer days and more than acceptable temperatures. As I am every Friday, I am at the farmers' market in Bruneck (in that Instagram post, I talked about my protracted stay in a village in the Italian Alps).   At the farmer's market…
Chicken cacciatora: recipe from Romagna
Chicken cacciatore: recipe from Romagna
The recipe for chicken cacciatore is part of the Italian peasant tradition, and you should know the dish knows many variations. In addition to regional differences, almost every family guards its own version. Its preparation ignites debate. For example, there is debate about the base (oil or lard? Sautéed or garlic?), whether there should be tomato, flavorings…
Bolognese cutlet recipe
Bolognese cutlet: traditional recipe from Bologna
Among traditional Italian meat cutlet recipes, in addition to the Milanese and the one known as elephant's ear or the Viennese, the Bolognese cutlet also deserves a place of honor. It is a recipe that today you can often find revisited with heavy cream or cheese to speed up preparation and accentuate fat taste, considered wrongly…
Lesso rifatto. Italian's leftover beef recipe
Lesso rifatto. Italian’s leftover beef recipe
Do you know lesso rifatto a la Italiana recipe? The stock pot is very special. Whatever comes out of there is always delicious. The broth: a recipe to make all year round At home, the broth was both a winter and summer preparation. It was the most significant Saturday morning activity. That way, it was ready for Sunday…
Le salsicce del signor Giovanni, una pentola e tre ingredienti
The sausages of Mr. Giovanni, one pot and three ingredients
Italian fresh sausages, peppers, and potatoes. These are the main ingredients of the sausage dish that Giovanni prepared. It is a simple dish of the Romagna peasant tradition that will win you over. As I often say, simple food is ordinary in a comforting way. Mr. Giovanni's sausages Giovanni and his wife Laura are lifelong friends of my parents. She…
Roast guinea fowl with artichokes recipe
Roast guinea fowl with artichokes recipe
Roast guinea fowl stuffed with artichoke hearts is a dish where flavor and lightness go together. White meat, vegetables, and little fat (those that the guinea fowl releases as it cooks in the pan). I had forgotten the soft, juicy, and not at all stodgy guinea fowl pulp. Conscious carnivorous Since a few years, I have been eating…
Farmyard hen ragù
Farmyard hen ragù, tagliatelle and backyard stories
So many memories emerge from the pot of hen ragù. I thank my grandmother Sara for all the beautiful days of my childhood and for having taken me since I was a child to the countryside where she grew up. Free to discover the garden, backyard, and chicken coop. Back in the day, I couldn't know it, but…
Brodo di gallina
Chicken stock recipe: hymn to home cooking
In Italy, there is this saying: old hen makes good stock. If folk wisdom is inspiring, I'm starting with this adage to introduce chicken broth. When the chicken gets old, after a life spent scratching and laying eggs, it is time for making a great pot. Chicken stock pot Buy a chubby hen if you want to make…
Nonna's meatballs in tomato sauce and comfort cooking
Nonna’s meatballs in tomato sauce
I take some of the mince and turn it between the palms of my hands. I shape the first meatball, not too big and not too small, then I proceed with the second, then the third. I gradually arrange the meatballs in neat rows on a baking sheet, waiting for them to cook. Grandma Sara's meatballs in sauce…

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