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Sauces and Pâté

Plum Ketchup
Homemade plum ketchup
This plum ketchup is lightly spiced and sweet and sour. It is a versatile sauce that works well with roasts, cheeses, salads, burgers, and chips. Transforming and preserving is something I enjoy. I guess it is the little girl who grew up in a home with a peasant grandmother skilled in making sweet and savory preserves who…
Red cabbage ragù
Red cabbage ragù and pasta seasoning recipes
I remember. I am a handful of years old. I'm sitting comfortably in the kitchen chair. Grandma is cooking while I play. Of that remote and happy time, I cherish many memories and all of them good ones. The heritage of the years spent in the kitchen with her and all the other azdore of the home is one…
Green sauce (salsa verde) of the Bolognese tradition
Green sauce (salsa verde) of the Bolognese tradition
Food is joy, it is ritual, it is convivial, it is a necessity, and it is seasonal. In Italy, it is also regional, often even local. Not forgetting to know the history of many Italian recipes, you have to look beyond the current administrative boundaries. And then, of course, you cannot ignore the family heritage. Every Italian…
Farmyard hen ragù
Farmyard hen ragù, tagliatelle and backyard stories
So many memories emerge from the pot of hen ragù. I thank my grandmother Sara for all the beautiful days of my childhood and for having taken me since I was a child to the countryside where she grew up. Free to discover the garden, backyard, and chicken coop. Back in the day, I couldn't know it, but…
Terrina di fagioli borlotti e saba di Romagna
Borlotti terrine flavored with Saba of Romagna
Say terrine, and you think about a rustic but elegant table, a timeless country house, and a crackling fireplace. But, you know, you don't necessarily need to live in the countryside. If you love good food, you will find new inspiration in this preparation. There was a time when I often made terrines. They were…
Homemade quick tomato sauce
Artusi’s salsa di pomodoro (tomato sauce)
I tried Pellegrino Artusi's tomato sauce and found it to be such a concentration of flavors that it looked like a bottle of passata from the previous year.   Books to read, recipes to try I have an incredible backlog of recipes to try, some for the first time. And the same goes for the books I buy…
Prosciutto crudo (ham) ragù: a traditional recipe of Bologna
Prosciutto crudo (ham) ragù: a traditional recipe of Bologna
Prosciutto crudo (ham) ragù  a la Bolognese , also popular in Romagna, is a homemade recipe that has been part of my culinary baggage for as long as I can remember. It is not an express sauce or a sauce you can cook in about twenty minutes. It is an authentically traditional ragù from the…
Lentil And Borlotti Bean Ragù For Dressing Pasta
Lentil And Borlotti Bean Ragù For Dressing Pasta
The word ragù refers to a sauce, usually of minced meat mixed with vegetables, stewed at a low temperature for many hours. The recipe has French origins and began to circulate during the Renaissance as an accompaniment to other dishes. But it has been in Italy that the French ragôut went from being almost a side dish…
Gramigna with Bolognese sausage ragù
Sausage ragù of Bologna. A traditional recipe
Sausage ragù is a traditional recipe of Bologna. Preparation begins with the soffritto, which in this recipe involves only onion, is slightly red even if there is no tomato passata, and has a relatively long cooking time. It is a rustic ragù but not as flavorful as we might expect. During cooking, the milk sweetens the flavor…

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