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Mortadella and veal rifreddo (meatloaf)
Mortadella and veal rifreddo (meatloaf)
Rifreddo, galantina, stuffed chicken and capon are classic dishes of Bolognese cuisine. They represent one of the happiest expressions of local home cooking. The Bolognese table is welcoming in flavor and appealing to the eye. And recipes, even if rich in character and ingredients, never recall food porn. On the contrary, the local gastronomic culture doesn't lack a certain…
Homemade Parmigiano stock recipe
Homemade Parmigiano stock recipe (with rind)
In Italian kitchens, the stock is a staple recipe with several uses. All the broths share the same main ingredients and preparation method: water, vegetables (almost always the base is one stick of celery with the leaves, one skinless white onion, and one whole carrot), and salt. Then, there is the ingredient that gives a specific taste. Again,…
Plum Ketchup
Homemade plum ketchup
This plum ketchup is lightly spiced and sweet and sour. It is a versatile sauce that works well with roasts, cheeses, salads, burgers, and chips. Transforming and preserving is something I enjoy. I guess it is the little girl who grew up in a home with a peasant grandmother skilled in making sweet and savory preserves who…
Fricandò recipe, a fresh vegetables stew
Fricandò: the vegetable stew recipe from Romagna
The Fricandò recipe is a kind of rustic ratatouille and a typical recipe from the peasant tradition of Romagna. The Italian dictionary reports that the term is an Italian graphic and phonetic adaptation of the French fricandeau. This dish's ingredients are cooked in the same pan as a stew. The name, however, also has a…
Duchess stracchino chilled dessert
Duchess stracchino: a chilled dessert from Emilia
Duchess stracchino is a chilled dessert from Emilia. It has a simple preparation, ingredients that, usually, everyone likes, and a frozen dessert texture. And although the name evokes stracchino, a soft cheese typical of northern Italy, this ingredient is not there. The origin and name of the dessert are uncertain. The origin of the dessert Folklore tells a…
Torta Tenerina
Tenerina Cake: typical recipe from Emilia-Romagna
I arrange the ingredients on the table: fresh eggs from the countryside, dark chocolate, powdered sugar, flour, butter, and salt. That's all you need for Tenerina Cake. Some dishes make you travel into the past. And like Proust's Madeleine, they are tickets to a nostalgic tour aboard the Orient Express. The bar of dark chocolate I…
Barozzi cake my way
Barozzi cake my way and its story since 1886
From my seat on the train, I watch the Emilian countryside flow gently under my eyes. It's a series of villages that seem to hold hands, grain fields, and fruits. As I approach the town of Vignola, I see only cherry trees for which the area is famous. I am about to tell a story of secret recipes…
Red cabbage ragù
Red cabbage ragù and pasta seasoning recipes
I remember. I am a handful of years old. I'm sitting comfortably in the kitchen chair. Grandma is cooking while I play. Of that remote and happy time, I cherish many memories and all of them good ones. The heritage of the years spent in the kitchen with her and all the other azdore of the home is one…
Bruciatini and radicchio. A recipe from cucina povera of Romagna
Bruciatini and radicchio. A recipe from cucina povera of Romagna
Mixed field radicchio, pork belly, and wine vinegar are the few ingredients needed to make Bruciatini, one of the many dishes of the Romagna cucina povera tradition. Kitchen note: mixed field radicchio, green and red, is a wild, uncultivated variety. Today farmers also grow this radicchio for its flavor and crispness. Bruciatini and cucina povera of Emilia-Romagna…

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