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Ricotta tortelloni of Bologna recipe
Parsley and ricotta tortelloni. Recipe of Bologna
This is the recipe for ricotta tortelloni, a dish deeply rooted in the culinary tradition of Bologna and the surrounding area.  While tortellini is the holiday dish, ricotta tortelloni, like cappelletti romagnoli with cheese, respected the Catholic Church's precepts of a meatless menu on the days of Eve and Lent. The recipe has been registered…
Erbazzone Reggiano (swiss chard pie). A treasure recipe from Emilia
Erbazzone pie (swiss chard pie). A treasure recipe from Emilia
There is a land with indefinite borders, which is the South of the North and the North of the South: someone calls it Emilia (E. Berselli, Italian writer born and raised in Emilia) The city of Reggio Emilia is the birthplace of one of the most satisfying Italian snacks: erbazzone or scarpazzone , a hearty, savory…
Cocoa and ricotta cake
Cocoa and ricotta cake. About a weekend kitchen project
Stroll through the stalls of one of the food markets that, every Sunday morning, you can find in my neighborhood. I am one among many, the still floppy cotton shopper slung over my shoulder lazily waiting to be filled. I glance at the food the stalls offer, looking more carefully at my favorites. I take…
Rice bomb (bomba di riso), recipe from Emilia-Romagna
Rice bomb (bomba di riso), recipe from Emilia-Romagna
The rice bomb is a flan. And flan, in Italian sformato, is the name we used to call it at home. It must be said, however, that it is an Emilian rather than a Romagna dish. In fact, each Emilian province has its own version of the recipe. You can find the bomb bolognese, the one from…
Artichoke lasagne
Artichoke lasagne. And time to cook
Artichoke lasagne belongs to the long list of dishes that have graced my family's Sunday lunch and a variety of other occasions such as, for example, Easter lunch or Easter Monday, above all, if it fell early, that is, in March, like this year. Grandma used to execute the recipe in her own way, cooking the…
Chocolate salami (without eggs)
Chocolate salami (without eggs). Nonna’s recipes
If a book about grandmothers served the purpose of not missing mine, I would look for it. I'm usually able to manage memories, but some days, it is hard to manage their B-sides. Yes, memories have two sides, like coins and old vinyl records. Side A makes memories a soft dough that will rise in the oven; it…
Salame matto (fake salami). A recipe from cucina povera of Romagna
Salame matto (fake salami). A recipe from cucina povera of Romagna
Salame matto (fake salami) is a typical meatloaf from the humble cuisine of Romagna that brings to mind many a family meal, especially Easter lunch. First of all, I think a clarification is necessary. Some Italian recipes, in the title, contain the adjective finto (fake) or matto (which translates as crazy but has value as…
Torta dei 5 minuti
5 minutes cake, a typical recipe of Emilia-Romagna
In this gastronomic journey along the Via Emilia in search and rediscovery of familiar memories and flavors, sometimes it happens that I discover little culinary surprises. Recipes I have never heard of, such as the 5 minutes cake or, in Italian, torta dei cinque minuti. Honestly, I was surprised to discover that The Slow Food Dictionary…

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