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Breads and Pizza

Savory potato chifel (bread)
Savory potato chifel (bread), and a forgotten Bolognese history
That is the Bolognese recipe for non-Bolognese chifel. It sounds bizarre, I know. Now I'll tell you the story. The recipe for chifel (or chiffel or kipfel) demonstrates how recipes are travelers with great adaptability. From Austria, Kipfel means half-moon in German. And it is the shape created by Viennese baker Peter Vendier to celebrate the defeat of…
Easter Bracciatello bread, recipe from Romagna
Easter bracciatello bread: an old recipe from Romagna
Bracciatello bread is a somewhat forgotten recipe from the Romagna tradition. It is a doughnut, usually not very sweet, typical of Easter breakfast. And although it finds a place among cupboard cakes in Romagna cookbooks, it is an almost-bread. The ciambella version, with raisins or chocolate chips, is recent. Originally it was almost certainly a dry cookie that has…
Crescente con i ciccioli
Stories of focaccia with lardo and a yellow school bus
Focaccia with lardo is a masterpiece among Bologna's recipes. Even if, in Bologna, the typical focaccia is called  crescente. There are two different kinds of focaccia. Exists a kind of short crescente ("e" ending, don't miss) made with finely minced prosciutto mixed into the dough. It is simply delicious. And then there is a more leavened…
Savory brioche loaf with aromatic herbs recipe
Savory brioche loaf with aromatic herbs recipe
Savory brioche loaf but just as good as the sweet one. If you're here, we probably think the same way. Brioche is a French preparation. It has nothing to do with the traditional Bolognese and Romagna cuisine I usually share on the blog. But it has a lot to do with my life because I love bread…
Streghe di Bologna ricetta
Streghe OF bologna: typical savory crackers
Streghe of Bologna (strega means witch) are flaky, savory, and fragrant bread sheets that bake in the oven. If home baking is for you, try this recipe, it's affordable for everyone. Streghe of Bologna: the origin They originated as a baked product that you could buy, at weight, from bakers throughout the city. Streia (its name in the…
Flat bread with green from Romagna
Green flatbread from Romagna. Uncle Iolanda’s recipe
Green flatbread is a specialty from Romagna. In Italy, are called cassoni, or crescioni (literally watercress) romagnoli. They are stuffed piadine and folded into a crescent moon. I call them crescioni not cassoni and it depends on what part of Romagna you are born in. Traditionally, crescione is stuffed with herbs, and in the Apennine areas, even with pumpkin…
Fried bread of Bologna: crescentina fritta
Crescentina fritta: the typical fried bread of Bologna
Crescentina fritta is a traditional fried bread of Bologna that, with different names, you can find all over the Via Emilia. Crescentina fritta of Bologna is a typical fried bread In Modena and Reggio Emilia it is called gnocco fritto. When in Parma calls for torta fritta. In Romagna piadina fritta, in dialect piê fritta. Sometimes it…
Piadina romagnola recipe (Italian flatbread)
Piadina romagnola (leavened type). Original recipe and history
When talking about piadina romagnola, we should use the plural. Exist the high and raised one, the large and thin (unleavened), and the sfogliata (puffed). Three different types belong to as many areas of Romagna. Piadina Romagnola: the varieties. Among  piadine , there is leavened piadina. And this kind of piadina is typical of the area between Ravenna…
Romagna Easter Loaf, A Peasant Recipe For Breakfast
Romagna Easter Loaf, A Peasant Recipe For Breakfast
Easter loaf or pagnotta di Pasqua is a simple loveria of Romagna (loveria is a term from the Romagnolo dialect used to refer to good food). It is a leavened dome-shaped semi-sweet bread, typical of the peasant tradition of Romagna and once eaten on Easter morning. The Easter loaf of Romagna In Romagna, the traditional colomba (the…

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