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Cakes and Cookies

Marsala and semolina tart with pine nuts recipe
Marsala and semolina tart with pine nuts recipe
Semolina and Marsala tart is a recipe that tastes of family, memories, and pine forest. As a child, I spent all my summers at the seaside. The destination was always the Riviera Romagnola. What changed over the years were the villages where we rented a house for the season. And although I am fond of all the…
Tortelli dolci di San Lazzaro
Sweet tortelli of Saint Lazarus, a typical Lenten cookie
The sweet tortelli di San Lazzaro are typical cookies of Lent and the city of Faenza, a small town in Romagna that I frequented for a long time with my family. Faenza was the destination of many Sunday walks with my family. I remember the walks in Bucci public garden and merenda with fried crescentine bought hot…
Pinza of Bologna. A typical cupboard ciambella
Pinza of Bologna. A typical cupboard ciambella
Pinza of Bologna is a recipe that speaks Bolognese. It is a pantry cake made with a few simple ingredients. It was once a typical homemade preparation that was never missing from the table of Bolognese families, especially those of peasant origin. Pinza and sweet mustard: two typical products of Bologna The recipe for pinza first appears…
Vera Torta of Imola: a local, ancient dessert recipe
Vera Torta of Imola: a local, ancient dessert recipe
Vera Torta (True Cake) is a typical dessert of the city of Imola, a territory of Romagna culture located in Emilia and, more precisely, in the district of Bologna. It is an old-fashioned recipe, passed orally from family to family and now registered at the Bologna Chamber of Commerce. Its flavor is reminiscent of the Bologna Rice…
Torta di prugne dell'Appennino bolognese
Plum cake of the Bolognese Apennines recipe
The plum cake of the Bolognese Apennines is part of the culinary tradition of my land and is a dessert with an old fashioned flavor. On the border I was born on the border between Emilia and Romagna. Precisely in Imola, Romagna cuisine and culture in Emilia territory. Father's family, which came on the border between Romagna…
Bustrengo cake: a pantry staple recipe of the Romagna tradition
The bustrengo cake is a pantry staple recipe from the peasant tradition of Romagna. But it is widespread beyond also. It is an ancient recipe that the gastronome Graziano Pozzetto, an expert on the cuisine of Romagna, defines as the cake of the peasant family because prepared with the ingredients usually available in the pantry. A pantry…
Sweet ricotta tart recipe
A sweet ricotta tart (crostata) to celebrate a new awareness
I am a reserved person. I don't usually talk about my feelings or problems. I don't remember doing so with such sincerity in my buckwheat cake post (HERE). In January 2019, I asked myself where to find the strength to get through a difficult time. After three years and a long fall, I am here to share the answer. And…

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