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Breakfast and Merenda

Torta dei 5 minuti
5 minutes cake, a typical recipe of Emilia-Romagna
In this gastronomic journey along the Via Emilia in search and rediscovery of familiar memories and flavors, sometimes it happens that I discover little culinary surprises. Recipes I have never heard of, such as the 5 minutes cake or, in Italian, torta dei cinque minuti. Honestly, I was surprised to discover that The Slow Food Dictionary…
Marsala and semolina tart with pine nuts recipe
Marsala and semolina tart with pine nuts recipe
Semolina and Marsala tart is a recipe that tastes of family, memories, and pine forest. As a child, I spent all my summers at the seaside. The destination was always the Riviera Romagnola. What changed over the years were the villages where we rented a house for the season. And although I am fond of all the…
Easter Bracciatello bread, recipe from Romagna
Easter bracciatello bread: an old recipe from Romagna
Bracciatello bread is a somewhat forgotten recipe from the Romagna tradition. It is a doughnut, usually not very sweet, typical of Easter breakfast. And although it finds a place among cupboard cakes in Romagna cookbooks, it is an almost-bread. The ciambella version, with raisins or chocolate chips, is recent. Originally it was almost certainly a dry cookie that has…
Raviole of Bologna filled with sour cherries
Raviole of Bologna made with red wine shortcrust pastry
Words that make us feel good should be carried with us always. For instance, my friend Gilla claims that if I want to, I will have a great vegan chef. Thanks to her, I started using new ingredients like peanut butter for making the shortcrust pastry of these Raviole of Bologna.   Gilla's words motivate me to step out…
Pinza of Bologna. A typical cupboard ciambella
Pinza of Bologna. A typical cupboard ciambella
Pinza of Bologna is a recipe that speaks Bolognese. It is a pantry cake made with a few simple ingredients. It was once a typical homemade preparation that was never missing from the table of Bolognese families, especially those of peasant origin. Pinza and sweet mustard: two typical products of Bologna The recipe for pinza first appears…
The King's Biscuits, recipe and history of bolognese cantucci
The King’s Biscuits, recipe and history of cantucci of Bologna
The King's Biscuits look like cantucci both in shape and double baking. And just like cantucci, you can serve them at the end of dinner with vin santo and a good story (theirs). The King's cookies are crumblier and softer to the bite than their Tuscan cousins. The dough preparation is straightforward. After combining all the ingredients by…
Bustrengo cake: a pantry staple recipe from Romagna
The bustrengo cake is a pantry staple recipe from the peasant tradition of Romagna. But it is widespread beyond also. It is an ancient recipe that the gastronome Graziano Pozzetto, an expert on the cuisine of Romagna, defines as the cake of the peasant family because prepared with the ingredients usually available in the pantry. A pantry…
St. Martin's cookies
Saint Martin’s cookies and the Cuckolds fair tradition
St. Martin is a saint that I have liked ever since I was a child. He only reminds me of good things like the warmth of summer in the middle of autumn, the smell of new wine, hot chestnuts, and St Martin's cookies. Saint Martin's summer The celebration of the saint is on 11 November. In Italy,…
Lemon biscuits recipe
Lemon biscuits. A home cook and food writer
I am a home cook who writes about food. And as with this lemon cookies recipe, I share flavors that have the simplicity and richness of the best food I have ever tasted. The home food. Writing about food. What food? I have tasted the deliciously perfect food of some starred chefs and the satisfyingly ready-made food…

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