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My name is Monica.
I was born in Imola -on the border between Emilia and Romagna- and I live in Bologna.

I am a food writer and a good eater.

Tortellini&CO is my writing and cooking project.

Tortellini&CO, The Project.

This blog celebrates Italian home cooking and the culinary traditions of Bologna and Romagna.
It is the cookbook of my family and my life.
It is a walk along the Via Emilia. A summer evening in front of the sea, the Adriatic, of course. An autumn afternoon gathering leaves and chestnuts in the Apennine woods.

My style is polite, sober, clean. In life, I have a green approach.
I don’t throw what I don’t want to find in my bag.
I love the seasons, and I bring them to the table.

About me.

I live in Bologna, but I was born and raised in Romagna. A region of sea-hills-countryside that winks over at Tuscany.

Cooking, reading, and writing are my passions.

I have a Ph.D. in History, I am a journalist, and I was Editor for Il Mulino in Bologna for a decade.

After nearly twenty years among archives, libraries, and university classrooms, in 2018, I earned my Diploma in Basic Cuisine at the “Cordon Bleu” School of Culinary Arts in Florence since 1985. I have been a member of the Professional Association of Italian Chefs since 2020.

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