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Potato and Leek Minestra Recipe. Pure Comfort Food

Potato and Leek Minestra Recipe

Sitting at the kitchen table with a boiling cup of tea between my hands and the smells of flowers and citrus fruits around me, I’m writing the recipe of minestra (soup) I made recently while I’m thinking of the pleasant comfort that only soups can give in the coldest days.

Potato and Leek Minestra Recipe

I often cook zuppe, minestre or vellutate.
Do you know the difference between Italian zuppa (soup) and minestra?

In short, soups (in Italian, at the plural, zuppe) are often made with vegetables and can contain bread croutons that today, sometimes, we find aside and not inside the dish.

The origin of the term zuppa comes from the archaic Italian word “suppa” where it’s possible to find a clear connection between bread and the action to soak it (“inzuppare” means literally to put bread in a liquid, in this case broth that can be made with vegetable or meat, it depends from the recipe).

On the contrary, minestra in Italy always contains pasta or rice in addition to other ingredients. But no bread.

Then in both, zuppa e minestra, the different ingredients are coarsely chopped.

Both are brothy and you need a spoon to eat them. In winter they are cuddly and comforting. I personally love soups even in summer, cold and with a special taste that comes from the flavors of the garden.

If the hot ones heat and nourish, the summer ones cool and satisfy without lack of taste.

And vellutata? It’s a different recipe from soups and minestre. Velvety, usually made of vegetables, is smoothie and takes its name from smooth and creamy texture.
At the end is a simple and delicious almost-always veggie cream.

What do you prefer among them?

I don’t know.
In Italy there is a huge tradition of recipes concerning the preparation of soups, obviously connected to the peasant cuisine and the recycling of leftovers. A true richness almost forgotten that today – fortunately – is returning.

Some of these recipes, between skillful hands and old crock pots, are true poems of taste.
Potato and leek minestra is honestly good and tasty.

And now, while my cup of tea is almost finished, it’s time to share the recipe.

Good comfort food, Monica

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Potato and Leek Minestra Recipe

Potato and Leek Minestra Recipe

serves 4

160 g short pasta
3 yellow potatoes, about 300g
1 leek
1 l vegetable or meat stock
20 g of butter
olive oil and salt to taste


Peel and clean potatoes, cut into cubes and set aside.

Finely chop the leek and brown it with oil and butter in a pot for minestra.
Set aside 3/4 of the cooked leeks.

Add in the pot 1/3 of the diced potatoes, keeping the others aside, stir, salt a little and add the broth. Bring to the boil, then lower the heat and continue cooking over medium-low heat.

Cook until potatoes are soft, about 12-15 minutes, then reduce to cream with hand blender.

Adjust salt, bring to the boil and add in potato cubes and pasta.
At the end of cooking, when pasta is al dente.

Serve the minestra hot with a drizzle of olive oil and fresh, grated parmigiano reggiano aside.

Potato and leek minestra recipe

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