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Veal with tuna sauce (vitello tonnato)

Veal with tuna sauce (vitello tonnato). A classic dish of Italian cuisine and my home

I just finished arranging the decorations on the veal with tuna sauce, capers, and fresh parsley leaf when I take a picture and send it to my mom. The reply is quick. She write me that I made her think of Christmas. She refers to Christmas lunch, veal with tuna sauce never missed, and many other festive moments. This…

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Homemade Parmigiano stock recipe

Homemade Parmigiano stock recipe (with rind)

In Italian kitchens, the stock is a staple recipe with several uses. All the broths share the same main ingredients and preparation method: water, vegetables (almost always the base is one stick of celery with the leaves, one skinless white onion, and one whole carrot), and salt. Then, there is the ingredient that gives a specific taste. Again,…

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Chestnut flour tagliatelle with mushrooms

Cookbooks and chestnut flour tagliatelle with mushrooms

Grandma's cooking was very homely and substantial. While seasoning chestnut flour tagliatelle with mushrooms, she said the flavors of the wood call to each other. So simple. But her repertoire changed on the occasion of holidays, events, and Sunday lunches. At that time, even religious precepts affected the family menu. Women's stories through cookbooks Reading and studying old cookbooks,…

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