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Homemade caramel apples and the festive table

Caramelized apples and the festive table

I like caramel apples.

They take about 10 minutes from start to finish and are one of those things that are as fun to make as they are to eat.

Caramel apples recipe

Caramel apple or candy apples?

In Italy, with the same word caramel, we mean two different things.

In the first meaning of ‘caramello’ is a mixture of sugar, water and 2-3 fresh lemon juice drops.

But in the second one, is butter sauce who everybody knows (and loves).

I love caramel apples simple and unadorned, but you could dress them up with melted chocolate, chocolate chips, dried fruits, finely chopped almonds.

These caramel apples are perfect for two different holiday. Halloween and Christmas.

What I love of caramel apples is their festive color that makes special each holiday table, especially for Christmas.

Buona cucina, Monica

Candy apples.

Make them by dissolving 200g of sugar in 100g of water. Dip the apples in it and let them dry.

Apple lovers.

HERE you will find my sweet and savory recipes with apple.

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Caramel apples

Caramel apples recipe

serves 8-10
List of ingredients

8-10 little red apples, room temperature
350 g white sugar
30 g butter
5 tbsp maple syrup
150 ml water


Wash and dry the apples.

Insert a wooden stick into the top of each apple, pushing about halfway through; set aside.

Then, make the caramel.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper; butter parchment, and set aside.

In a medium heavy-bottomed pot, combine sugar, butter, maple syrup and water and stir with a tablespoon.

Bring to a boil over high heat, and cook swirling occasionally (not stir); reduce heat to medium-high until mixture is well melted.

Remove from heat.

Working quickly, dip apples, 1 at a time, into caramel sugar mixture until completely coated. Transfer to prepared baking sheet; allow to cool. Let excess drip off and let dry before touch.

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