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Lemon and rosemary infused water. A good routine

Lemon and rosemary infused water

Infused water.

Drinking water is good for our bodies and our skin.
But if, like me, you are one of those who tend to drink little, flavored water can be a (small) solution. Or even a temptation.

What we do know.

Let’s start with a well-known fact. Drinking lots of water, especially between meals, is good for you: it keeps your skin hydrated and young, eliminates toxins, and helps the kidneys function properly.

Adding lemon, one of the most beneficial citrus fruits, to water would add positive value to already virtuous action (drinking).

What I am not convinced of.

The excesses.
I sometimes hear friends tell me about a morning routine with amazing effects: they drink a glass of lukewarm water and lemon as soon as they wake up.

Some, knowing that among the properties of the yellow citrus fruit is pectin, that keeps hunger pangs at bay, use this drink as a detox diet.But how much lemon water should we drink before it affects the scale?

Not to mention that absorb large amounts of ascorbic acid over a long time will ruin the tooth.

In medio stat virtus.

We can drink one glass a day of infused water.

But if you want to diet, before you buy kilograms of lemons, analyze your habits.

How much junk food do you consume? What kind of snacks or treats do you usually eat?

Infused water.

Fresh, organic herbs and fruits or vegetables and filtered water are the only ingredients you’ll need for infused water recipe.

This instead is only lemon and organic herbs of my garden.

Perfect at the breakfast table, during the day, or as a non-alcoholic option at your next aperitivo!

Among the ones I make most often is the one you can find here.
Organic lemons and herbs from the garden, in this case, rosemary.

Of course, you can choose from many combinations, all of them are good. I’ll leave you with a few ideas.

Ginger and pineapple
Sage and peach
Blueberries and lemon
Mint and strawberries
Oranges, lemons, and cucumber
Basil and Apricots
Pear, Ginger, and Blueberries
Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Mint, and Pomegranate Seeds
Arugula and peach

Good refreshing water, Monica

Cook with me.

I am more than convinced that starting the day with a healthy and tasty breakfast is good for the body and mind. And I have written about how breakfast can become a real treat (BREAKFAST).

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Lemon and rosemary infused water recipe

for a one-liter jug or bottle
List of Ingredients

1 liter water
1 lemon, organic
a handful of fresh rosemary, organic


Gently wash and dry rosemary. Wash the lemon and chop it in half.

Combine all ingredients in a bottle with water and ice and let it refrigerate for at least a couple of hours, or overnight.

Then filter and serve.

Lemon and rosemary infused water

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