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Buckwheat pumpkin cake with almonds. A simple pantry cake

Buckwheat pumpkin cake with almonds. An Italian simple pantry cake

How do you like your cakes? The answer also depends on the occasion but, usually, absurdly sumptuous cakes for parties or simple cakes. I prefer simple cakes with a short list of ingredients and recipes I can make using a couple of bowls and essential kitchen tools. In other words, my favorite cakes are those, in Italy,…

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Traditional Bolognese Recipe: Tortellini Fritti (Fried Tortellini)

Who's ever heard of fried tortellini? Tortellini fritti (fried) are one of my fav "ricetta della tradizione" and it's also a super traditional Bolognese recipe, sometimes forgotten from Bolognese people too. Yes because you can eat tortellini not only in broth or with a delicious cream of parmigiano reggiano, but also fried. Easy to make and really…

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Torta rustica all'uva nera

Grape focaccia from Romagna recipe

When the black grapes are ripe, it is time for grape cake, a rustic, savory, and fall preparation. Among the sweets-not-sweets typical of this period in Romagna is the black grape cake, almost a focaccia. It is an end-of-meal dessert that you can use to accompany also a Bolognese cutting board at aperitif time. Italian recipes Many traditional Italian…

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Red cabbage cream recipe

Red cabbage cream and carrot chips. Witch commands color

Red cabbage cream and ultra violet pantone. I learned Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future. Witch commands color. Do you like this color? Do you recognize yourself in the characteristics of the color ultra violet? It seems that the term Pantone refers to a color and to a lifestyle. When…

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