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Buckwheat Apple Pie. About Cookbooks, Thoughts and Recipes

A Buckwheat Apple Cake, Notebooks, Cooking and Thoughts

The first time I ate a slice of this buckwheat apple pie it surprised and delighted me. But probably all apple pies have this effect everywhere all around the world. And for this reason apples should become a UNESCO World Heritage. But I had forgotten this mountain recipe. Until the flying sheet where it was pinned suddenly…

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Orange-Fleshed Potato, Parmigiano & Onion Mini Sformato

The Italian word “sformato” refers that after cooking, the preparation must be turned upside down. Generally sformato is an appetizer or a main dish. One time it was served also as a kind of “middle course” between primo piatto and main course, especially on the occasion of more formal meals. What exactly sformato is? Sformato and…

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