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The Right Recipe. Asparagus Cold Cream

Cold Cream Of Asparagus Soup With A Spoonful of Stracchino

The right recipe makes always the difference.

But how to decide if it’s the right recipe? Before to start making this cold asparagus cream, or any other recipe, it may be useful to ask ourselves a few questions to decide whether or not what we have chosen is the right recipe for us.

Cold Cream Of Asparagus Soup With A Dollop of Stracchino

Four issues and the right recipe.

In absolute terms, the right recipe doesn’t exist. But rather there are some issues to take in consideration: occasion, time, degree of difficulty and seasonal temperature.

If you let inspiration alone guide you in the choice of dish, you could make a fatal mistake. I’ll say better. It’s said that you should never grocery shop when you’re hungry to avoid buying too much food. Well, when you want or need to cook and decide to go to the big supermarket of recipes, that is “on the Net”, don’t let yourself be tempted by photographs. Some of them are very inspiring but, before deciding, consider if it really works for you and always, but just always, read the text of the recipe.
From beginning to end.

The occasion.

Family meal and Sunday lunch call for different dishes. Are you agree?
The most precious foods, by ingredients or execution, are not for the ordinary table.
In this choice there is the desire to preserve flavor and uniqueness of certain dishes that if eaten every day lose value. The same is also true for certain fruits out of season. Don’t think of me as an extremist. If I am invited and I find strawberries on the table in January I don’t throw an anathema, By the way, for my table, I prefer to wait until May. And the waiting also makes everything better. Choosing the recipe taking into account the occasion, as we used to do in the past, is not wrong.

How much time do you have to cook?

If the answer is “little time” choose carefully what to cook.

Sometimes it is better a dish of pasta with a quick but tasty sauce to excite the appetite and interest of your diners.

If you have little time, don’t choose the recipe with your eyes, looking at a photograph. It’s never a good idea. In the end it happens that while everyone is already at the table, the food is not ready and you have to invent something else when you just want to cry (✔️ I have it!). Rather, think and organize your time after carefully reading the text of the recipe (not just the ingredients).

Recently, and after so long since I hadn’t, I rediscovered the pleasure of a simple parsley sauce. Few ingredients that in a short time give life to a sauce that pleasantly surprises (I leave you the link to the recipe for Spaghetti with Parsley Sauce).

Will I know how to make this recipe?

I think everyone can do anything.
Of course some preparations are more difficult than others and require exercise and therefore practice. That is time (again).

So, after answering the first question (how much time do I have?) and after reading the recipe, you realize that it would be appropriate to try it a couple of times, consider if it is the right occasion to hazard an experiment or if it is better to postpone it until another time.

What season is it?

A season at risk of fire due to the simple spark released by the heat doesn’t encourage you to make long preparations and cooking. Just as a rainy autumn day doesn’t go well with a cold dish.

It doesn’t mean you have to look at the weather forecast before choosing the right recipe for you, just contextualize the work you’ll have to do in the kitchen. For example, if there is a hot weather outside, probably the right recipe for you doesn’t require a long cooking in the oven.

Cold Cream Of Asparagus Soup Recipe

Cui prodest?

Asparagus soup is right for all (or almost). Of course, if you make it for an asparagus hater, it’s bad luck. Appeal to Murphy’s law and look for a loaf of bread in the pantry.

Cold cream of asparagus soup is a very simple in-season-vellutata made with fresh vegetables. This is a perfect dish for hot and sunny day when season calls for relaxing outdoor meal with family or friend but you don’t want delivery!

It is the perfect recipe for those who have little time and that everyone can do.
You need just an immersion blender and you’re done.

Buona cucina, Monica

Food Tips

For a “gazpacho effect”, refrigerate until ready to serve.

Instead of green, you can use white asparagus.

Cold Cream Of Asparagus Soup RecipeRicetta della Crema fredda di asparagi con stracchino 

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Cold Cream Of Asparagus Soup Recipe

serves 4

About 700 g asparagus
1 yellow potato
750 ml vegetable stock or water
evo oil, salt to taste


Clean the asparagus. If you want you can use only the stalks and keep the heads aside to add them to the whole cold cream – but blanched – or to make another dish (like a risotto or salad, scrambled eggs, but also stuff a tigella or sandwich).

Peel the potato and cut roughly.

Pour the vegetables stock or water in a pot, add in salt as if it were water for the pasta, bring to the boil and add the vegetables. Cook until soft, for about 10-12 minutes. Turn off, pass everything to the immersion blender until it becomes a smooth and homogeneous cream.

Adjust with olive oil and salt, if necessary.

Serve the cream in the holsters, at room temperature and enrich with a dollop of stracchino cheese, you’ll feel how good it’s.

Asparagus Cold Cream With A Dollop of StracchinoRicetta della Crema fredda di asparagi con stracchino 

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