Spiced Volpina Pears Roasted in Red Wine of Romagna

Volpina pears roasted in sweet red wine of Romagna is a simple recipe but so delicious.

Sometimes I think for days what dessert to cook for those dinner or that event.

I think I would like to cook something of special and rich and in this way to take care of my guests. But when I start to organize ingredients my hands make what my heart suggests and, punctually, my amazing dessert list ends up in the waste paper basket.

Like this time. What I share isn’t a recipe for a sumptuous and rich dessert but one that calls for home, beautiful table, beloved people and good and honest food.

I cooked a fruit dessert. It’s a my own home recipe. I used little and sweet November pears called Volpina. Its name, literally, means “little fox”.

They are called Volpina pears because old farmers told fox was gluttonous of them. I don’t know if this is true or not, for sure this type of pears is so good. No need to peel these pears and this make it an easy and quick dessert.

You just have to roast them in the oven and then wait that delicious sauce is ready (it needs 3 mins).

Spiced Volpina Pears Roasted in Red Wine of Romagna

Volpina Pears and Cagnina Red Wine: two tastes of Romagna

I roasted them in the oven with sugar cane and a typical red wine of Romagna called Cagnina. It’s a sweet red wine and should be enjoyed soon after harvesting. It  dried cookies and ciambella. At the end of the meal, during the winter, I still remember the adults touch the wine quickly with a slice of ciambella or a rustic and fragrant cookie, wait enough time to let the sweet absorb the liquid and then enjoy the triumph of taste. Cagnina goes also perfectly with roasted chestnuts. When I was a child I couldn’t drink wine but how much roasted chestnuts I ate!

The flavor of this wine on the pear, makes a perfect combination. I find this dessert elegant yet.

Serve pears warm or at room temperature with their hot sweet red wine sauce.
With or without gelato or zabaione sauce. Memorable.

Monica, good seasonal cuisine

Spiced Volpina Pears Roasted in Red Wine of Romagna

Spiced Volpina Pears Roasted in Red Wine of Romagna


serves 4

1 kg local little pears
120 g sugar cane
1/4 l of (sweet) red wine like Cagnina di Romagna
a few flakes of butter
some dry cloves
1 teaspoon of cornstarch


Wash the pears and leave them whole.

Put in a casserole dish, sprinkle with sugar, a few flakes of butter andpour over the wine, add in 4-5 cloves.

Roasted in a preheated oven (180 degrees C, static oven) for about 20-25 minutes or until the pears are soft and wrinkled.

Leave to cool. Then remove the pear from the casserole, remove the cloves, and pour the sauce in a small pot with cornstarch, stir well on a low heat until his texture is soften and quite thick.

The pears can be prepared 2 days ahead and reheated in a low oven. Conserve them in the fridge.

Serve the pears warm with the juices and a spoonful of something creamy.

Spiced Volpina Pears Roasted in Red Wine of Romagna


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