London. Picnic time: sweetcorn muffins in Richmond Park

It’s spring time in London! The air is getting warmer. It is more and more pleasant to be outside and we can enjoy longer daytime.

From October to March I crave having more daylight hours. They make me feel more energetic. My body needs them and I feel that I can do so much more during the day. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. But this is not the point. Knowing that I can is the best part of it, what really make my days and my months.

For our little one this is the first Spring time since she started walking. She can now explore the world at her own pace and her pace becomes our pace when the weekend comes. So a picnic in Richmond Park with some of her friends sounds like the perfect plan for a sunny Sunday.

Picnic time: sweetcorn muffins in Richmond Park

Richmond Park, one of my fav

London is one of the largest cities in Europe and when you walk through the city centre or you travel around on your daily commuting you are often under the impression that new skyscrapers are built daily. They are on every corner. However it will never be hard to find a park, a garden or a farm close to where you live. To me this is still impressive.

When it comes to parks Richmond area is one of our favourite. We need to thank Silvia and her family for that. Do you know that the first time I set foot in Richmond was because I had a meet up with another mum-to-be?! Well, now you know. That mum-to-be was Silvia and that was when all started.

Anyway we were saying picnic in Richmond Park. We pack the blanket. Then we pack the toys. Our friends want to pack a gazebo, but we opt for the local big trees. And everything is there but the food.

Picnic time: sweetcorn muffins in Richmond Park

Picnic basket options

First of all something healthy and something easy to cook. In addition something easy to eat on the grass both for the children and the grown-ups. Furthermore something that could be made in advance. All these call for savoury baking goods! Scones? Rolls? Muffins? Nothing suits a sunny day like some golden sweetcorn muffins and some goat cheese and ham rolls.
Picnic time: sweetcorn muffins in Richmond Park

At the end of the day we realize that all our five senses have enjoyed the day. They have woken up after the hibernation. The winter is over and a new season lies in front of us all.
This is just the beginning of the long Londoner Spring and this is only the first picnic of the season.
Picnic time: sweetcorn muffins in Richmond Park

The better is yet to come,
Curly Silvia

Food tips
  • I don’t add any extra salt to the mix in order to make the muffins suitable for younger children. I always try and make a meal that can be shared by the entire family. It saves me so much time! And my daughter is going through that phase when she wants to eat what we eat. So this saves us a lot of negotiations too!
  • You can bring along some carrot and cucumber sticks, some hummus and some fresh fruits for a complete meal.
  • If you eat the muffins at home they are best eaten worm.
  • These muffins work well as aperitivo.
  • In conclusion, cornflour is a powdery yellow flour made of finely ground cornmeal. It must not to be confused with cornstarch: the finely powdered white starch extracted from maize kernels.

About 12-14 muffins

1 can of sweet corn in water (260g net drained)
one shallot
1 or 2 tsp of olive oil
50 g grated cheddar
150 g plain flour
150 g corn flour
2tsp baking powder
2 eggs
100 ml milk
1 pot (284ml) low fat buttermilk


Pre-heat the oven to 180C (fan) or 200C (static) and put some muffing liners in a muffin tin.
Drain the sweet corn and put in a pan with some olive oil and a chopped shallot.
Gently fry for 10 minutes until soft and golden.
In a large bowl mix together flours, cheddar and baking powder. Set aside.
Whisk together eggs, milk and buttermilk.
Stir wet mix into dry ingredients and then add sweetcorn and shallot.
Divide between the muffin holes.
Bake for 25-30 minutes. When they become golden brown, check poking a skewer in.



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