Quadrilatero in Bologna: a grocery shopping guide

Whether you’re in Bologna for few months or a day, it could be useful to have some tips when it comes to where to do the food shopping. Above all in a city known as la grassa, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Here I share my food shop’s guide in the Quadrilatero: the city’s heart where many locals do their shopping.

Quadrilatero area dates back to the Middle Ages when some of the city’s main craft guilds and artisans had their headquarters here. And here, today, you find a thick maze of tiny streets with open market stalls and a mix of classic butcher shops and fishmongers.

Here, you will find every specialty that Bologna has to offer. From the many fresh vegetable stands to butchers, fishmongers and cheese shops, you will find everything you need to make a meal or just for a snack on the go, all from the freshest ingredients.

Always I say to eat well, let’s start from the grocery shopping.
In my opinion, it’s really important the choice of the ingredients. The best is to choice seasonal and local ingredients. Last but not least, it is also important to know and to have trust in your own venders. Indeed the food shop owners can help you with tips and recipes.

So, here my grocery shopping guide in the Quadrilatero in Bologna!


Bread and Cheese

No doubt! For bread&co, my food shop is Atti! I prefer the little shop in via Drapperie to the other in via Caprarie.
Here resists an authentic piece of true Bologna. All kind of bread is good, moreover I suggest grissoni (big grissini), mini-quiches. I’m in love with their amazing greased, soften focaccia with taggiasche (ligurian olives).
Here find the best apple muffins of Bologna and all the cakes of the bolognese tradition.
If you want buy tortellini for a present, Paolo Atti & F. packaging is one of the more beautiful in Bologna. Really a present in the present.

To the Baita Vecchia Malga find a remarkable high quality, italian -and not- cheese selection. Fresh mascarpone, mozzarella, pecorino, cheddar, goat cheese and the famous il Nero cheese, a rich aged mountain cheese…
Try their mousses and all the gastronomy. I love mortadella mousse and truffle mousse.

Meat and Cured Meats

In the (not vegetarian) cook’s life, the butcher figure is one of more important.
When your Sunday roast is not a success, not always you’re the only guilty. For sure you made some of wrong, but not only in the cooking. Maybe in the choice of the butcher too.
For this reason I trust in Macelleria Agnoletto&Bignami in Via Pescherie Vecchie 10/A. Find also gastronomy. Ready or almost ready (just to finish to cook). Here find also food to go like meatballs or chicken croquettes and baked potatoes and so on. And all is delicious. In this food shop, there’s the best mortadella Bologna by Villani.

Wheter you’re looking for a mix of cured meats, not far, there is the famous Tamburini.
A kind of pork temple. Please, taste not only Parma ham or mortadella. Remember salame rosa. It’s a mix between mortadella and salami, sweet and delicate. You can’t say to know Bologna if you’ve never tasted it. By now it’s so difficult to find it, so don’t lose the occasion. To finish, Tamburini cooks the best spit roasted chicken of the city and not only of the Quadrilatero.

Seafood, Fruits & Vegetables

I love the guys of the Pescheria del Pavaglione in via Pescherie Vecchie. I’m not really expert in the fish cooking and they’re amazing: help me with recipe and tips and all the fish is well cleaned. Ready fish dishes and possibility to have aperitivo inside the fishmonger:

quadrilatero 7

To buy fresh fruit and vegetables here my fav pick. Even if there are many open market stalls, always I choose the same:  Via Pescheria Vecchie 5/D.
In particular try local brussel sprouts and radicchio from Zocca. I love artichoke’s hearts ready to cook and its dried and dehidrated fruit’s selection.

quadrilatero 8

Tired but happy, laden of full shopping bags, before to go back, there is a last thing to do. Fresh flowers of Frida’s.


Shopping bag in the pics is by Gallina Smilza.

My TOP ADDRESSES in the Quadrilatero

Paolo Atti & F., Via Drapperie 6
A.F. Tamburini, Via Caprarie 1, ma ha un ingresso anche su via Drapperie
Frida’s, Via Drapperie 1/B
Pescheria del Pavaglione, Via Pescherie Vecchie 14
Banco di frutta e verdura De Maria, Via Pescherie Vecchie 5/D
Macelleria Agnoletto&Bignami, Via Pescherie Vecchie 10
La Baita Vecchia Malga, Via Pescherie Vecchie 3/A

Articolo disponibile anche in Ita


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