Pizzette: a Classic Recipe to Aperitivo like an Italian

Do you make pizza?

Her yes in my eyes, she did the question.

If you make pizza at home, probably each friend’s kid will consider you a super chef.

Fortunately I make my own pizza dough and I cook it at home.

Di pizzette ed epiche merende

Pizza and pizzette

I cook different kind of pizzas. For example I make little pizzette for aperitivo (perfect also for party), pizzette al tegamino (pan-baked pizza), thin and crunchy pizza rossa and classic pizza, sometimes round sometimes rectangular (it depends form the mold I use).

In these days I was trying my pizzette’s recipe, In may I’ll cook a big lunch for the first communion of the daughter of a friend of mine and we agreed that pizzette have to be in the menu. I decided to make them using spelt flour and I loved the result!

And what about you? Do you make pizza at home?

Buona cucina, Monica


►Add mozzarella just before to take out of the oven.

►If you are thinking of to freeze pizzette, add cheese only when you bake to defrost.



Di pizzette ed epiche merende


about 60 pizzette


for the dough
spelt flour, 200g
Philadelphia cheese, 180 g
active dry yeast, 1 g
olive oil, 3 tablespoons


for the topping
passata di pomodoro
dried oregano or thyme

optional: mozzarella


In a large bowl stir flour and yeast. Add in cheese and oil and knead until the dough is soften and well combine.

Wait a couple of minutes, then roll the dough very thin, preferably with a rolling pin. Using a cookie round mold, make 60 little pizzette.

Meanwhile, in a bowl flavour passata with olive oil, sea salt and oregano

Put a teaspoon of tomato on each pizzetta and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper for about 6-7 minutes.

Add a little piece of mozzarella just before to take out from the oven.

Di pizzette ed epiche merende

Di pizzette ed epiche merende



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