Lemon Loaf Cake with Yogurt and Chia Seeds Recipe

Savory or sweet?

I admit I have a special love for all the breakfast cakes in general but this lemon loaf cake has a special taste: lemon. Lemon is one of my special ingredients. I think of it makes everything taste better.

Loaf cake: what I love of this simple preparation

Probably I love them because these are daily family recipes and often quite easy-to-make. Recipes you can cook every day because, I’m sure, always you have the ingredients in your own kitchen. Basically you need flour, eggs, butter, milk. Then you need one ingredient to confer a special taste. It can be any kind of leftover, fruit, cheese, and so on.

Cooking a good dish it isn’t only a question of long and complicated recipes or rare and precious ingredients. More often is a soul and heart question. I love cooking for people I love. Also when I make easy recipes and dishes, then family and friends think I’m awesome. Well, nothing it’s better to be the plum cake rockstar for my family

People! If you’re looking for a honestly good lemon loaf cake, I suggest to prepare this recipe for an easy, moist and fragrant cake. It’s perfect for breakfast, brunch, merenda.

Buona cucina, Monica

Lemon Loaf Cake with Yogurt and Chia Seeds
Food Tips

You can easily change this recipe into a gluten-free recipe, using a different flour.

It’s possible to add chocolate chips or chopped dried fruit.

Cover with water royal icing, to change a simple cake into a festive cake!

Lemon Loaf Cake with Yogurt and Chia Seeds Recipe

serves 4-6

190 g whole flour
130 g light sugar cane
40 g natural yogurt
juice and zest of one whole organic lemon
3 eggs
3 tablespoons chia seeds
6 g baking powder for cakes


Grate zest of one lemon and set aside. Squeeze the lemon and set aside the juice.

Whisk eggs and sugar until the mixture becomes soft and fluffy.

Add in yogurt and lemon juice and whisk again for 2 minutes.

Then add yeast and flour and whisk again until the mixture is smooth.

Now add chia seeds and grated lemon zest and mix with a tablespoon.

Bake in a 180 degrees (= 356F) preheated oven for 30 minutes.

Lemon and chia seeds loaf cake recipe

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