Kitchen Notes: an illustrated cookbook is our lovely goal for 2018

There is always a beginning. And there is always room for a new idea, a new step. And Kitchen Notes is our new step as Tortellini&CO.

But what kind of PROJECT could come from 3 girls always thinking about food, Italy and Italian life abroad? A cookbook full of Italian recipes!

The annual meeting of the founders is also a good occasion to plan new projects. Here one lovely memory of the last annual Tortellini girls weekend in London.

Where if not in London the secret is mixing different cultures with excellent results?Read our food story dedicated to Franco Manca, the special place where we did our reunion: HERE

But now, can we introduce ourselves?


T&CO founders

From left, Monica/Bologna, then Silvia/London who last summer was very pregnant and, on the right Anna/Detroit. It has been a great meeting. Especially for the opportunity to stay all 3 together in the same place! Indeed we live in different cities and we organize online and via skype all our food blog’s activities.


Kitchen notes: our special goal!

For 2018 we decided to work on an Italian illustrated cookbook and we’ll publish it, listen there, in English! It’s a project completely based on girl powers and female energy. And we’re so grateful for all the help we’re receiving! While we were writing the Italian recipes for our cookbook, 4 ladies were decorating with their talent of illustrators each pages, then some English and American generous women and friends were re-reading our notes, moreover one Italian video-maker was on the storytelling.


Our dear (cook)book

Kitchen Notes is a little cookbook full of Italian flavors, written in English. It’s also an illustrated and coloring book with white pages for your notes, doodles and drawings.

Recipes are grouped in 8 different sections based on occasions we love like breakfast, brunch, tea time, picnic, aperitivo, chic and cheap, feast table….and one central very special chapter: cooking with nonna, where you’ll find how to make, cook and serve pasta fresca.

What kind of Italian recipes you’ll find on the book

Part of the recipes come from our own family regional traditions –especially from Emilia-Romagna and Veneto, 2 Italian regions with a delicious cuisine-. Others are very Italian classic recipes, so widespread from the Alps to Sicily that we consider them a true national food heritage. Finally, we have chosen some recipes born under the sign of T&CO. Unconventional recipes we developed day by day, inspired from seasonal and organic ingredients but still in our Italian style. Accessible, versatile easy to make and, often, farm-to-table recipes. Perfect both for the every-day and for the table feast.


About T&CO food project

At the beginning was a whatsapp chat where sharing tips and recipes. daily chit-chat and our friendship are the inspirations from where Tortellini&CO comes, food-life-style blog.

It’s a food project of 3 Italian woman and foodies who live in Bologna, London and Detroit. Every day we speak of, write on, photograph and cook food. We love food, fresh and local ingredients, people, in season recipes and table, flowers and picnic. We love to cook, eat and tell about the extraordinary of ordinary life. Every day we learn something new about our own food culture and, at the same time, we have the opportunity to discover different national cuisines. At the end we strongly believe in a sentiment called sisterhood that produces unbelievable connections.

From a great experience of blogging, comes the idea of a truly Italian cookbook: creative, genuine, cool.


Ready for kickstarter campaign!

We’re so excited to announce that our FIRST BOOK is on kickstarter!

At the end, it’s arrived. These are some of the most significant days of our professional food blogger life!

It’s with great pride that we announce the release of our cookbook Kitchen notes: a project almost 2 years in the making and a everyday beautiful hard work! It’s a project near and dear to our hearts, shared with many beautiful women.

For those of you who will support us in this amazing journey, we’re so grateful!! We’re waiting for you on kickstarter: HERE!!!

The founders,

Monica, Silvia, Anna






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