Tips and trends about Italian colazione (breakfast)

The mainstay of Italian colazione (breakfast) is hot espresso, cappuccino (espresso with a goodly dollop of foamed milk) or caffè latte (a glass of milk with a bit of coffee).
An alternative beverage is orzo, a slightly nutty, non-caffeinated roasted-barley beverage that looks like cocoa. Someone drinks hot tea but the most of Italian people -for sure- drink coffee. Rather, espresso. About espresso we’ve many options and for instance you could listen to ask an espresso with cold milk, or macchiato (with hot leather milk), or tall (lungo) or, on the contrary, short (ristretto).


The ideal accompaniment to your coffee is pastry, usually without adornments such as butter and jam; the main options are sweet and savory cornetto or briosche (the Italian version of French croissant, usually lighter and less buttery) and doughnuts (in Italy called with its German name, Krapfen, or with its Italian name, bombolone): the classic fried-dough treat rolled in granulated sugar, sometimes filled with jam or custard.

Breakfast morning (colazione del mattino) with espresso coffee or cappuccino and brioche “al bar” is a very common morning ritual for Italian people.

In south Italy people usually prefer sweet breakfast, instead in the North of Italy, more close to the Northern Europe, people often love savory breakfast.


Colazione at home

If during the week I prefer to have quick ‘colazione al bar’, during the weekend I love a cozy, relaxing breakfast at home. I prefer fresh and seasonal ingredients like fruit and juices, furthermore homemade cakes and toasts, moka espresso, yogurt and so on.

A rich homely colazione calls for moka espresso, yogurt and granola, a slice of cake like crostata or ciambella, spremuta (fresh orange juice) and so on. Crostata is a typical Italian homemade cake: it’s a tart with a dense, buttery crust filled usually with fruit jam and sometime with custard or nutella. Ciambella or ciambellone is a tall, light, soften and rise cake.

Again in the North of Italy can find scrambled or fried eggs, cheese and cured meats. And yes, I mean exactly for breakfast and not for brunch.

Of course, Summer and Winter call for different breakfast, more rich during the Winter and more light during the Summer. Obviously in the last years, Italian breakfast has introduced into its routine not-Italian habits like American coffee or chia pudding.


Tired of the same routine for your morning meal? Shake things up with these Italian easy, yummy a.m. starters and deliciously healthy recipes. Amaze your guest with an Italian breakfast-brunch! A simple breakfast takes no time to create.

Dress the table with some fresh flowers and enjoy!



Ideas for Italian breakfast at your home

1-2 serves

toast bread
seasonal fresh fruit
Italian honey
natural yogurt
chia seeds
crostata or ciambella cake
coffee, tea, fresh milk

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Chia pudding (refrigerate about 2 hours)
serve 1
about 80 g natural yogurt
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 teaspoon honey
Place chia seeds, honey and yogurt in a medium bowl, mix well, cover and refrigerate about 2 hours. If you like fresh fruit into chia pudding, add little fruit pieces now. Before to serve, divide pudding among 2 little jars. Top each with fresh strawberries. Place fruit on the top or, why not, on the bottom also. I love it also with coconut milk instead of yogurt.
Morning cake (make it the day in advance)
My favorite morning cakes are traditional crostata and ciambella but also pan dolce (sweet bread) that I serve with homemade jams.

Look for my fav breakfast recipes: HERE

fruit juice, moka espresso, tea and aromatic water.
Fruit toasts
Heat up bread slices, spread with a tablespoon of yogurt and cover with fresh fruit slices. Topping with honey.



Yogurt homemade popsicles (make it the day in advance)
Just frozen yogurt mixed with some dried bluberries, a bit of chia seeds and sprinkles or what you prefer. Now you can eat popsicles at breakfast!
Smoothie ideas
Greedy: melon, peach and yogurt.
Good Morning: mango, carrot, 3 dried apricots, some dried Coconut cubes and fresh bluberries, water, 2 ice cubes. Soak Apricot and Coconut for 30 mins and drain. Topping with bluberries.

On the beach: green apple, fennel, cucumber, cashew nuts. Food tips: before to blend, soak cashew nuts in cold water for about 30 mins.
Green smoothie: 3-4 pineapple slices, green apple, 1 stalk of celery, a bit of fresh ginger, water or 2-3 ice cubes.



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