An Italian Cake Designer in Detroit

A true Italian cake designer is in town: and it’s immediately FESTA time!

Cannoli are not the only Italian dessert

Some of you might wonder what I’m talking about. Are you thinking of cannoli and cassata and Italian Christmas cookies?

Well, not quite…there’s much more than that in the Italian bakery tradition. Those heavenly ricotta goodies come from a quite small portion of our homeland, which is as rich in regional dishes and traditions as it is in postal codes!

Traditional Italian cakes are somehow less sweet and less buttery than the typical American dessert, and are mostly based on a very soft Pan di Spagna (sponge cake).


From Turin to Detroit: a cake designer was born

As we often say in this blog, an Italian moving to the USA will miss much more than family and landscape. They will miss also their country’s many flavors and taste. That’s why when I met Valentina I was so excited to have the chance to get an Italian birthday cake for my daughter.

Valentina was born and raised in Turin- Italy. She moved to the Detroit Metro Area three years ago because of her husband’s job in the Auto industry.

Leaving her mom, her accounting job and the Italian life-style was not easy. It was and still is a big adjustment, but she made a virtue out of necessity. Her passion for bakery has become a profession. She’s now a free-lance cake designer.

Valentina has told me about how her passion for cakes has developed since a young age.

As a kid she loved decorating her grandma’s cakes with confectioner’s sugar and colored sprinkles.

In time the powdered sugar has led to more complex decorations, and today, few years and a cake design school after, she bakes perfect Italian tasting layered cakes, beautifully decorated with home-made sugar paste.

An Italian Cake Designer in Detroit









An Italian traditional recipe married with the modern and colorful look of American cakes! Just marvelous!

Our cake came in a lovely wrapped box with a see through side: my little six year old was so excited at this extra special gift! Valentina has extra attention to details.

Well, I’m ready to dig my teeth in the beautiful mermaid cake Valentina made for Adele… if you want a slice of sweet cake with a bit of Italian style, shoot Valentina an email at:

Buon Appetito!

Anna Chiara

Tips for aspiring cake designers

This are a few of Valentina’s TIPS for those of you who want to give a try at becoming a cake designer:

  • Don’t get demotivated and follow your passion…be patient as making one of these cakes can take a few days;
  • Pan di Spagna should be substituted with a stronger version (Molly cake- that adds cream) in order to be able to support more complex/layered cakes, that still in have a very Italian taste, thanks to the delicious home-made custard;
  • Before starting, make sure you have all the right tools, they are worthed the initial investment and will save you unnecessary frustration!




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