Gluten-free savoury tart with asparagus

Often I spend a bit of my Sunday afternoon making a savoury tart. Not only because I love this versatile dish (and all in my family), but yet for many other reasons.

For instance, is quick to made and perfect for improvised Sunday evening aperitivo or yet ready for Monday lunch/dinner.


Furthermore what in Italy we call torta salata (savoury tart), is a perfect recipe to use all the ingredients you already have in the fridge (I call it empty-fridge recipe).

About the dough, no limits. Homemade or ready-to-cook, everyone does as she please.

Today I have opted for a gluten-free homemade dough (HERE).
I made it with chia and pumpkin seeds and it seems a savory, delicious cracker basket for your filling. I baked with no filling and before to fill, I leave at room temperature.


Italian taste

The filling is a masterpiece of ease and savvy. Only seasonal, boiled asparagus place on a thin layer sour cream. Before to serve, remember to dress with extra virgin olive oil and delicious italian aceto balsamico.

At the end, you’ll have a special savoury tart yet elegant. The perfect Spring torta salata for your aperitivo, Sunday lunch or every day menu!

At work!

20-22 cm diameter mold
cooking time: 1 hour

savory pie dough recipe
500 g asparagus
50 g savoury cream
1 teaspoon sweet mustard
extra virgin olive oil and aceto balsamico to taste


Make savory pie dough with our recipe or roll out in the mold your ready dough. Bake the dough in preheated oven (180C degrees) for about 20-25 minutes until side are golden and take out. Leave at room temperature.

Boil in unsalted water asparagus for about 12 minutes and drain gently. Set aside.

Mix sour cream and sweet mustard.

Cover the bottom of the cooled savory pie with a thin layer of cream.

Place asparagus and dress before to serve.

asparagus savoury tartasparagus


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