Bologna. Dal Fiume Traditional Fresh Pasta Lab

This blogpost is a truly bolognese food-story dedicated to the best food ever: pasta fresca (fresh pasta). And to the fresh pasta lab Dal Fiume in Bologna, where made it.

Of course, egg pasta is not exclusive to Bolognese culinary tradition but it’s central to it. Each of the emiliano-romagnolo children (people born in Emilia-Romagna) brought up eating pasta. Not simply a kind of pasta but the best pastas of the Italian food tradition.

Bologna. Dal Fiume Traditional Fresh Pasta Lab

Where pasta calls for family and traditions.

Pasta is really prominently in any Emilia-Romagna cities, and no matter where you go, you will find fresh pastas (usually made with eggs and flour, with some exceptions made with water and flour) of every shape and size, filled or not.
Once time, a family Sunday lunch without homemade pasta was unthinkable. So as every child of the region, I remember participating in the wonder of the Sunday lunch, a parade of aromas and flavors, a truly jubilee of pastas.

To make traditional pasta, you need to start from the dough. The thin dough is used to make tagliatelle, tortellini, lasagne (thin sheets of pasta where place meat sauce called ragù) and so on.

To make the dough you need few ingredients and four important tools: a large wooden board and an equally large rolling pin, a pasta wheel and a scraper.

Many restaurants offer in their menus these traditional dishes.
But here I would like to introduce you to the world of pasta lab and of the sfogline (pasta makers).

Fresh pasta lab in Bologna.

In Bologna, and everywhere in Italy, you often find pasta to-cook at the bakery (where you find also bread and sweet treats like cookies and traditional cakes). The most of them are not producers, but simply they buy different fresh pasta shapes from pasta lab.

Pasta shops usually have got their own lab. Otherwise, at the pasta factory the job is completely mechanized and they produce for wholesale.

Pasta labs are more or less small and can do direct sale or not. Sometime find pasta lab that works for a specific restaurant.

Truthfully, in many pasta lab -in whole or in part- the artisan tradition has largely given way to machine pasta made and only someone has a special workshop where the whole process is yet make handmade. Who makes it, is the sfoglina, the pasta maker so called because she makes the pasta sheet (in Italian foglio).

The owners and their philosophy.

So is not common find a small lab where pasta is made in the old-fashioned way, now as then.

The owners of Dal Fiume pastificio, are the brother and sister Alberto and Stefania supported by the niece Vanessa and all-aged sfogline.

After 24 years of hard work, they persist in their philosophy, I could resume in 3 ingredients like a recipe.

First of all: pasta is made only by hands. Each pasta shapes has got its traditional way to be made.

The second one: they use only super high quality ingredients.

Last but not least, the third ingredient of the successful recipe of this lab regards the way to work. All people are important into the team.

The fresh pasta lab is a bright open space where all pasta makers work beside the others. Every day they make many and many tortellini, tagliatelle, potatoes gnocchi and passatelli (more typical of the Romagna), baked pasta like lasagne and cannelloni too. From the lab, gorgeous pasta daily goes around Bologna and all European country.

If you’re in Bologna for a weekend or few months, find their pasta here: TREASURE MAP .


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