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Explore Riccione with a guided walking tour with tasty stop

When in Romagna. Riccione among piadina and Liberty style villas

For many, it means Viale Ceccarini and discos on the hills. Shopping and entertainment.
For me, it means mostly walking.

On the seafront and foreshore. Or in the old village, admiring the Art Nouveau and Art Deco villas of Alba and Abissinia. And visiting the hinterland, rich in history and nature.

When in Romagna, visit Riccione

Riccione: walkway promenade, thermal spa, the old village and the Villas.

Viale Ceccarini is the boundary between the Alba and Abissinia areas. The old village is at the back, slightly further away from the sea. In the Alba area, there is the harbor, at the end of Abissinia the Spa.

From the dock to the thermal spa, you can walk along the pedestrian promenade, furnished and very green, next to which there is also a cycle path. I walk tirelessly, sometimes for hours, on the foreshore and the promenade.
In sunshine or rain, I always like the sea.

The thermal baths are by the sea and immersed in the pine forest. I’ve never used the spa services but I’ve had positive feedback from friends who have had health or beauty treatments there.

Promenade of Riccione



Old village and Liberty art style villas.

The old town offers pleasant views and a lovely market (on Fridays).
I often go there to go shopping or for a walk (then I walk along the long tree-lined avenue leading to Viale Ceccarini and back to the sea).

But in Riccione, you can also enjoy, on foot or by bicycle, a little-known wonder. The first is a tour among Art Nouveau villas, and the second an Art Nouveau and Deco Itinerary to discover the manors of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

I like to get lost in the streets of Abissinia and Alba, aimlessly walking in the shade of the pine trees, observing the beauty of the villas, the architectural details, and the gardens.

Riccione is very green!
The Cicchetti public park covers a thousand square meters. It is well cared for and beautiful and offers large dog walking areas.

Ps: small, almost mountainous villages and some of the Malatesta castles are just a few kilometers from Riccione. Plan an excursion or choose to sleep in the hills. For many years I spent my holidays in the peace of Montefiore Conca, going down to the sea when I felt like it.

The old centre of Riccione


My tips for eating (and drinking) in Riccione.

I’m sharing with you the places where I go and where I return from many years. And if they and I can survive, there must be a reason. In my guide, you will not find trendy addresses, nor is it a comprehensive guide to the city. Just the restaurants and delicatessens that I know and appreciate.

If you already know my Itineraries to discover Italian beauty, you know that I love slow journeys searching for authentic flavors. And that I travel with a dog, choosing only situations where my whole family is welcome.


In Riccione, I usually prefer to rent a flat and I am always happy to ask Marco Perazzini’s agency (summer, off-season and even short rentals).


Piada “da Romano”.
Pan Pizza at Reddy.
Both in Abissinia area.

Piadina romagnola recipe


“Moderna” where all products is special. Above all cannolini (little cannoli filled with pastry cream) and bomboloni (krapfen). Located in the Alba area.


If you’re staying for several days, I recommend the supermarkets in the old village: they are neater and cleaner than the big markets in the seaside area).

In the old town, sign Polleria Argentina (on the main street). I recommend for its chicken but also the choice of ready-made vegetables.

By the sea, I suggest the “Soccia” grocery shop. It is just off Viale Ceccarini in the Abissinia area.

It is a little market with a GREAT delicatessen, Da Massimo e Sonia– CRAI (Viale Battisti, Abissinia area), for both seafood and meat dishes.

Rosticceria L’Angolo Sfizioso (fish à la romagnola), Viale Gramsci (Abissinia).

Valli Market: fresh fruit and vegetables, you can find basic food and, here too, excellent homemade food. Viale San Martino (Abissinia).




Indaco for cocktails.

Bevabbè to drink an aperitivo Bologna style.



No-fish food. Da Corrado (hamlet of Sant’Andrea in Casale, 10 minutes by car from Riccione on the road to Morciano). A good place where the pasta is still homemade. Strettine alla romagnola and chicken have been my favorites for decades.

Where to eat traditional fish á la romagnola.

Frank, feet on the sand and traditional fish dishes.

Gher, on the harbor, a great classic from the 1960s.

Buon viaggio, Monica

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Romagna food


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