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Some Restaurants where I Go For Traditional Tortellini In Bologna

Some Restaurants where I Go For Traditional Tortellini In Bologna

In the city of tortellini, the choices of restaurants are endless… but where to go for tortellini in Bologna?
If you’re in Bologna for the first time, how do you know what good tortellini tastes like, and who can you ask?

A good rule of thumb is to go where the locals go, but in Italy, this depends on one’s ability to distinguish the locals from other Italian tourists! My travel karma has guided me to some great dining experiences, but I have also ended up in places where I suspect someone just sent me to their uncle’s trattoria (which is not always a good thing)! In this case, I’m asking Monica, one of the creators of this blog, who is apparently on a first name basis with anyone connected to tortellini in the city. Of course, she is!

Where to go for the best?

As it turns out, the answer to ‘where to go for tortellini’ requires further clarification. Do you want to learn to make them yourself? Do you want to buy them (handmade) and take them home to cook in your own broth? Or, do you want to eat them in a restaurant? For now, we’ll go with Monica’s recommendations for a few restaurants where the tortellini are, in her words, exquisite!

My fav restaurants where I go for tortellini in Bologna

My fav restaurants in Bologna where to go for Tortellini.

Osteria la Traviata, via Urbana 5. Warm, inviting and very Bolognese. The tortellini are made in-house every morning. Just ask Manuela, the owner and heart and soul of the place and she’ll guide you to the best options on the menu. In the summer, you can dine outside under the porticoes.

Ristorante Cesarina, Piazza Santo Stefano. Their tortellini in broth are perfectly portioned, leaving you with just enough space for trying their delicious ‘Guido Reni’ pork. Located in one of the city’s most beautiful piazzas, you’re in the perfect place for your after-dinner, evening passeggiata (walks).

Ristorante Grassilli, Via del Luzzo 3. The tortellini, like the owners themselves, are exquisite. Located practically beneath the Asinelli and Garisenda towers, you could not be closer to the heart of the city.

Enjoy, Monica

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