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My Grocery Shopping Guide to The Quadrilatero In Bologna

My Grocery Shopping Guide to The Quadrilatero In Bologna

Whether you’re in town for a few months or a day, maybe you could need some tips about where to do the food shopping. Above all, in a city known as La Grassa is easy to feel overwhelmed. I’m happy to introduce you to my favorite food shops in the Quadrilatero.


What Quadrilatero is?

It is the heart of Bologna where many locals do their shopping.

Anyway, the Quadrilatero area dates back to the Middle Ages when some of the city’s main craft guilds and artisans had their headquarters here. And here, today, you find a thick maze of tiny streets with open market stalls and a mix of classic butcher shops and fishmongers.

Here, you will find every specialty that Bologna has to offer. From the many fresh vegetables stands to butchers, fishmongers, and cheese shops, you will find everything you need to make a meal or just for a snack on the go, all from the freshest ingredients.
Always I say, we have to start from the grocery shopping.

The best is to choose seasonal and local ingredients. Last but not least, it is also necessary to have trust in your vendors. Indeed the food shop owners can help you with tips and recipes.

So, here is my grocery shopping guide in the Quadrilatero in Bologna to be like a local.

Enjoy Bologna.

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The Quadrilatero in Bologna

The Quadrilatero in Bologna

My Grocery Shopping Guide to The Quadrilatero.

Bread and Cheese.

For bread, fresh pasta and many other good things, my shop of choice is Atti.
I frequent the small shop in Via Drapperie. A piece of authentic Bologna that I adore. If you want to give tortellini as a gift, the Paolo Atti & F. box is a gift in the gift.

At Baita Vecchia Malga you will find a wide choice of high-quality cheeses.

Here are just a few products: fresh mascarpone, cheddar, and Nero.
Mortadella Bologna and truffle mousse must be tried.
Gastronomy is a temptation.

The Quadrilatero in Bologna

The Quadrilatero in Bologna
Meat, cured meats and fresh pasta .

In the Quadrilatero, I choose Agnoletto & Bignami butcher.
Two shops, both in the beautiful Via Pescherie Vecchie.
I go to the shop at number 10/A.
In this butcher’s shop, find options also for vegetarians.

To buy cured meats, tortellini, and Bolognese specialties, I choose Tamburini and Simoni.
Want to talk about pink salami, which is practically nowhere to be found anymore? You’ll find it in these two shops.
Tamburini’s has one of the best spit-roasted chickens in the city.
At Simoni, everything is to taste.



My favourite fishmonger in the Quadrilatero is the Pescheria del Pavaglione in Via Pescherie Vecchie. They are full of advice, suggestions, and smiles. You’ll go home with clean fish, the right recipe, and the idea that it won’t be an impossible mission.
At Christmas time, reserve your fish for Christmas Eve.
Aperitifs, a must-try.

Fresh fruit and vegetables.

Via Pescherie Vecchie is full of fruit and vegetable stalls.
I suggest you the stall at 5/D, De Maria. Even for dried and dehydrated fruit. And Alimentari Melega where, among other things, there is an excellent selection of fruit and vegetables (when I have to make stuffed courgettes Bolognese style, I buy them here: fresh and plump).


Tired but happy, laden of full shopping bags, before to go back, there is a last thing to do.
I have just to buy a last thing. Buying fresh flowers of Frida’s for my table.

Shop’s addressess in the Quadrilatero:

Paolo Atti & F., Via Drapperie 6
A.F. Tamburini, Via Caprarie 1, ma ha un ingresso anche su via Drapperie
Salumeria Simoni, Via pescherie Vecchie 3/b
Frida’s, Via Drapperie 1/B
Pescheria del Pavaglione, Via Pescherie Vecchie 14
Banco di frutta e verdura De Maria, Via Pescherie Vecchie 5/D
Alimentari Melega, Via Clavature 14
Macelleria Agnoletto & Bignami, Via Pescherie Vecchie 10
La Baita Vecchia Malga, Via Pescherie Vecchie 3/A


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