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Fish cappelletti. Romagna stuffed pasta

Fish cappelletti of Adua. Romagna stuffed pasta

Some flavors evoke positive thoughts related to people who loved us. Cappelletti di Magro makes me think of Adua. She and her home tailoring lab are among the fond memories of my childhood and adult life. Cappelletti of Romagna Cappelletti is a stuffed pasta typical of Romagna. The name literally means "little-hats". You can find cappelletti filled with meat…

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Panone: the Christmas cake of Bologna

Panone recipe: the Christmas cake of Bologna

Panone and Certosino are the typically baked cakes of the Bologna Christmas tradition. Similar yet different. Both recipes belong to the typical Northern European tradition of Christmas cakes made with dried and candied fruit. Again, both have a rich and somewhat old-fashioned taste but, unlike what you might imagine, also a contemporary flavor. In these recipes, you won't find any…

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Homemade pickled vegetables

A family recipe. Homemade pickled vegetables (Giardiniera)

Pickled vegetables, in this case, sweet and sour, are called Giardiniera in Italian. A very poetic name since it evokes the word garden. Giardiniera brings to mind the colors of the dish and the vegetables from the garden. It is an ancient method of preserving vegetables in season and eating them the next. I still remember when, at…

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Club Sandwich recipe and history

Club Sandwich: history and recipe

I love making sandwiches where good bread and excellent ingredients create something unique. Although, you know, not all the sandwiches have a story like the Club Sandwich. Club Sandwich recipe. The original recipe calls for: toast, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and chicken or turkey. Some people add crispy bacon and other sauces. For this sandwich, you can use leftover…

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