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Orange-Fleshed Potato, Parmigiano & Onion Mini Sformato

The Italian word “sformato” refers that after cooking, the preparation must be turned upside down. Generally sformato is an appetizer or a main dish. One time it was served also as a kind of “middle course” between primo piatto and main course, especially on the occasion of more formal meals.

What exactly sformato is?

Sformato and flan are cousins and both are easier to make than a soufflé.

Sformato is a mixture of beaten eggs and milk (or bechamél sauce) blended with a food, generally a vegetable or a cheese, sometimes you find a combo of meal and vegetables or cheese and vegetables. In order to adding taste, you need always to add a little of grated parmigiano reggiano or pecorino. Sformato is cooked in the oven and then turned out (the Italian name of the dish (sformato is pp of sformare) refers to the action of to turn out).
It can be cooked into a single big mold or you can opt for single portion

Sformato season!

When I start to cook sformato, flan and soufflé, it’s a clear sign we’re officially in Autumn! A season I LOVE.

My family and friends well know how much I love to bake, sweet and savory recipes.
When the cold weather hits, I’m ready to cook my fav comforting food.

I prefer family-friendly dishes, easy on the budget, and -moreover- those recipes that are excellent choices for any meal of the week. This recipe works well also for festive occasion and Weekend brunch. You know, sformato is so versatile!

It’s also vegetarian and perfect for people who are following different diet.

Orange-Fleshed Potato, Parmigiano and Onion Sformato

I opt for mono-portion sformato when I’ll serve it as antipasto or one dish with one side.
Instead I prefer to cook sformato in a large mold for occasions that require a little of elegance or formal dinner.

Sformato is a dish easy to make. You just need a bowl and a whisk if you understand what I mean ;)

It’s quite quick to make.

You can change onion with any vegetables you prefer. And, again, you can add your personal touch introducing whatever ingredient you like as chopped almonds, bacon crumbs and so on.

Well, I hope to have inspired you.
I wait for your opinions or questions in the comment below :)

Buona cucina, Monica


How much milk you exactly need to use, depends from onion. Even if you have to cook to dry them, their water can be change from those I used. My tip is to add milk little by little until you have a soft and creamy dough but not too much liquid.

Fresh milk cream yes or not. Well, it depends from you.

Can I use natural yoghurt instead of milk. Mmmmh, I think no. I don’t like its acidity in this dish. Sformato’s taste has to be rich and embracing. Pure home comfort food ;)

You can cook sformato few days in advance and preserve it covered in the fridge.

When you cook mono-portion sformati, you can use muffin mold.


serves 6
6 single molds or 1 single mold, 16cm diameter

yellow onion, 500 g
Orange-Fleshed Potato, 2 (about 300 g)
fresh grated parmigiano reggiano, 150 g
3 eggs, normal
milk, about 300 ml (read Tips)
chopped almonds (about 10 g) and 1 little brunch of rosemary to decore
olive oil and butter to taste
1 pinch of sea salt and black pepper


Clean and cut onions in thin slices.

Stew onion in a large pan with a little of oil and butter, salt and pepper. Cook on medium-low heat until are soft and dried.

Cook potatoes in unsalted boiling water until soft. Then drain, peel, cut in pieces and squash with a fork.

In a bowl, mix all the ingredients (except chopped almond and fresh rosemary) with half of milk. Make a puree with an immersion blender food processor. Add milk until your dough is soft and creamy.

Grease mold and place dough stopping 1,5cm before the side.

Cook in preheated oven (180C degrees) about 20-25 minutes.

Leave to room temperature before turn out.

Then garnish with chopped toasted almond and a sprinkle of rosemary little pieces.


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