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Parmigiano Reggiano Savory Cannoli with Cooked Ham Mousse

Parmigiano Reggiano Savory Cannoli with Cooked Ham Mousse

Are you looking for a delicious, gluten free, easy-to-make aperitivo recipe?Homemade savory cannoli filled with Italian cooked ham mousse is a great recipe can be on the table in 20 mins! Basically these cannoli are Grana Padano PDO wafers made as cannoli shells and then filled with a creamy mousse.

I love to cook. You’ll say it is quite obviously for one who has chosen to create a food blog. But not always, believe me. Sometimes behind a new (food) blog, find only a well done marketing project to transform a perfect robot-woman in one of us.

One of us, who?

One of us. I mean one woman who choose weekly menu despite of work, weariness. One of those that for the major part of the time chase… the time! One of us. We who are happy when we find a bit of time to cook with love in a quiet kitchen.

Thank you to the blog, more frequently I cook trying developing new recipes. Another thing I really love to do concerns the writing of the recipe and how and when it was born. Even if I’d like to have more time to do it.

Anyway, this easy recipe is connected with aperitivo ritual. A ritual that people in Bologna love to have often, not only during the week end.

Aperitivo calls for homemade savory cannoli!

I love aperitif time. I like ending a workday with a glass of wine and chit-chat. It’s a break between the work’s troubles and the ending day. It’s a way to empty my head from stress. I love take aperitivo in cozy places. In alternative I love to organize home aperitif.

At home recently I opted for few aperitivo snacks, instead of a lot of junk-food, and a good organization. As often happens, it’s all a question of good planning. As Silvia told us in her last-minute-dinner (also with kids) blogpost.

Key word: organization!

I place on the table one or two options like taralli or grissini and big green olives. When aperitivo starts, while my husband or friends chat close to me, I cook just a recipe. The preparation is a little, true show cooking. I cook and in the meanwhile I chat with my guests, also answering to possible food-questions. People love seeing while you’re cooking for themselves.

We’ve just to choose the right recipe. Uncomplicated, easy and quick to make.

Savory cannoli work well as aperitivo or appetizer. Also for a dinner buffet. The sweet ricotta and cooked ham mousse is perfect in combination with parmigiano reggiano cannoli. I love to enjoy them with a cold prosecco glass!

And if you’ll try it, please leave a comment, I’d like to know your opinion!


Savoury Cannoli made with Parmigiano Reggiano

Food Tips

  • Parmigiano is rich of taste and I prefer don’t add salt into the mousse.
  • Fill cannoli just before to service.
  • Preserve cooked ham mousse in the fridge and take out 20 mins before to use.
  • Cannoli filling recipes can be made several ways: with ricotta but also with fresh mascarpone.

Savory Cannoli Recipe

services 4
1 round, little non-stick frying pan, diameter 12-13 cm

about 20 g fresh grated parmigiano reggiano each cannolo

for the filling:
150 g cow ricotta
150 g cooked ham
plus some chopped pink peppercorns to garnish


Scatter about 20g of the grated cheese over the base of the pan.
Cook on medium heat about 2 mins. When the cheese is bubbly and golden, take the pan off the heat and while the wafer is yet hot but soft.
Roll each Parmigiano Reggiano wafer as you have to make cannoli shells. Helping you with a fork or a little aluminium tube.
Put ricotta and cooked ham with 2 teaspoons of milk in a food processor and process them until very smooth.
Fill cannoli and garnish with pink peppercorns scraps.


Italian Aperitif Recipe

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