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Homemade fruit gelati recipe (without ice-cream maker)

Homemade fruit gelati recipe

Spring and summer are full of juicy and fragrant fruits. Perfect for eating fresh or turning into desserts, jams, juices, and gelati.

When there was not yet the habit of buying ready-made gelati to store into the freezer, grandma used to make homemade fruit gelati.

In the glass beaker of the blender, she combined fresh fruit, a little sugar, and sometimes milk. It was a simple and quick process. Those fruit sorbets seemed so good for us kids, and even today, I still find them delicious.

Homemade fruit gelati

Homemade fruit gelati recipe (without ice-cream maker)

Fresh fruit gelati, also vegan.

Even if they are vegan for by chance.
This is my home recipe in the dairy-free version. They are also gluten-free.

I did not add sugar but maple syrup. If you want creamy ice cream and don’t follow a special diet, replace the water with equal amounts of milk or fresh cream.

I added hazelnut sprinkles or melted chocolate to decorate and make them look (and taste) better.

These homemade fruit gelati are ideal for a summer merenda or an end-of-meal treat full of flavor and freshness.

I suggest making your gelati by eye.

Make you own gelato.

When you see the sign +, it means I blended the types of fruit separately.

When you see “and” it means I blended the different types of fruit together.

  • Pear + melon and lime (a few drops)
  • Mango + avocado
  • Mango and peach + blueberries (used whole as garnish)
  • Berry variegate (blackberries, blueberries and raspberries blended together), maple syrup, hazelnut crumbs (as garnish), melted chocolate (as garnish)
  • Banana and dates (3 dates for 1/2 banana) + water or rice drink or yogurt + hazelnut granola (as decoration)
  • Avocado + raspberries, hazelnut crumbs as decoration
  • Red plum + avocado
  • Peach + raspberries
  • Blueberries and cherries + peach
  • Apricot + blueberries + peach. Puree blueberries with 1 tablespoon yogurt
Seasonal fruit.

You can use fruit to make many recipes.
Here tor some of my favorite recipes.

Fresh fruit calls for macedonia (HERE), au naturel but also dressed with sugar and lemon or with a fruit syrup.

Spring summer fruit means mostly making jars of jam and fruit in syrup. And then, of course, old-fashioned fruit juices (HERE), popsicles (HERE) and gelati.

Not forgetting sweets and desserts prepared with fruit.

Buona cucina di stagione, Monica

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Homemade fruit gelati

Homemade fruit gelati
Food tips.

When preparing these ice creams, the amount of fruit may change depending on the size of the molds.
Ice creams are not an exact science; go a little by eye.

If there is any fruit left over from the preparation, use it to make fruit salad. If you have already blended it, put it in the freezer stirring every 30 minutes for at least two hours, and serve as granita.

I like to serve the fruit ice creams by arranging them all on a plate or tray, lying on top of ice cubes. Everyone can choose their favorite flavor.

I used one maple syrup tablespoon per blender cup. You can also use honey.

Homemade fruit gelati recipe

6 fruit gelati
List of the Ingredients

3 apricots
1 yellow peach
pulp of ½ mango
30 g blueberries
30 g raspberries
20 g chocolate
water or yogurt and maple syrup, to taste
juice of ½ lemon

to decorate: chopped hazelnut, about 3 g

you will need ice cream molds, or small glasses, and wooden sticks


Wash and peel the fruit.

Blend each fruit with 1 tablespoon of maple syrup, about 10 g of water (or yogurt or milk) and a teaspoon of lemon juice.

Rinse the blender glass under running water each time. Place each fruit puree in a different cup and keep aside.

Melt the chocolate.

Place the molds on the table and prepare the wooden toothpicks.

If you want to decorate with chocolate and chopped hazelnut, spread them on the bottom of the molds.

Add the blended fruit pulp using a teaspoon and compose the ice creams: peach and apricot, blueberry and raspberry, mango and avocado.

This has been my choice but you follow your taste!

Place in the freezer from 2 to 3 hours.

Homemade fruit gelati

Homemade fruit gelati

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