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Christmas table ideas: table setting, centrepiece, placeholder

Christmas calls for family, friends and home. And beautiful Christmas table.

I love the full package: never ending lunch, informal aperitivo, beautiful evening with friends chatting near the fireplace. But also cozy family breakfast and merenda.

I’m sure each one of us will spend long hours cooking and struggling to decide what’s the best Holiday table setting. But on the other end, isn’t it all about LOVE?

So the Tortellini&CO team decided to give you some help regarding how set the table! Are you excited?

Christmas table ideas

In this blogpost I put together some inspiring table setting, centrepiece and placeholder ideas. Placeholders can be a precious help everybody relax, when they already know where to sit, without chaos that usually comes with family or friends, no matter the size of the group. And, most of all, they can make little gifts for your guests.

christmas table

Some of these ideas and pics are by Tortellini&CO. Some are inspirations from the web: feel free to browse our Pinterest page called Happy Holidays to know more about the author’s names.

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Christmas + Winter = cozy home

Cold and snowy Winter calls for home. During the Christmas season, it’s important to create a warm and welcoming home to cozy up all guests!
I love when all friends ask me to organize brunch, merenda, or a meal because that means they love the warm atmosphere of my own home.

The Christmas tree,the nativity scene, simple home decorations can’t miss.
Moreover, place some blankets available for those ever-cold friends.

You’ll want to create the right comforting, a little magic, Christmas atmosphere.

For a good combination of flavors, I suggest having both savory and sweet options at your fingertips: homemade cookies, a tea selection and some hot chocolate mix ready. But also “taralli” and a bottle of wine.



Christmas table setting

Setting a table is not as difficult as it seems.
How does one decide between covering a table and leave it exposed?
Well, for instance when you a have a beautiful wood or marble table: don’t cover it!
If you prefer a more formal and traditional table setting, choose a tablecloth that is going to match your plates. I always prefer natural colors both for plates and tablecloth. My favourite colors are white, browns and dove grey. There’s always time to add a hint of color by adding some red, golden or green.





Placeholder and napkin ring

The placeholder can be anything: a napkin ring or simple paper name labels will do. But let’s see some other ideas…

Aromatic herbs: I’m in love with aromatic herbs from my garden. I dried them last Summer and now I can use them to make little edible gift that are also placeholders.

To make handmade placeholders and napkin rings, choose something based on your own plates style.

For instance, this year I have decided to use my “aromatic herbs” Richard Ginori plates. Beautiful and delicate herbs decorate the plates, so I’ll opt for the herbs theme. I’ll make napkin rings using fresh or dried herbs and red chili peppers… Then dried herb jars full of scent that I’ll use as placeholders.

Placeholder can be also a simple pine cone. Or a little gift for your guests: for instance cute jars with preserves or pickles or candies ….let your fantasy fly….use your personal taste.







Candles, candles and more candles. Also during the day. I LOVE that tremulous little fire that warms up my heart.

Choose white candles on a brown and golden table. Colored candles on a white table setting or a wooden table.

Use fir or olive branches with red berries and candles to create your own perfect Christmas centrepiece.

Most of all, have fun while doing it!

Happy Holidays


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