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Christmas in Bologna. Things to do, visit and eat

Christmas Time. 5 Things To Do As a Bolognese

Christmas in Bologna is so beautiful.
It seems dressed in sparkling lights and decorations that she wears like a lady, an elegant coat.

On the streets, you feel Christmas music and a magic atmosphere, and people walking wish each other “Buongiorno e auguri” (Good Morning and Happy Christmas).

The scent of Panone and Certosino, both traditional Christmas cakes of Bologna, fills the air.

In addition to the traditional Fair of Saint Lucia, many other events make Christmas sweeter.


Bologna at Christmas. 5 Things To Do Like a Bolognese

Christmas Markets

In search of inspiration, I like to walk through the streets of the downtown.
As a child, I have always visited the Ancient Fair of Saint Lucia with my parents. It’s an appointment that I still wait all year round.

Fair of Saint Lucia
In the city of Bologna, that of the Christmas market is an ancient tradition.

My favorite? I’ve been visiting its stalls since I was a child.
Bolognese people love this fair that has an ancient history.
The event takes place under the portico dei Servi since the 18th century.
Exhibitors sell nativity scenes and figurines, Christmas tree decorations, gift items, sweets, and typical products such as nougats, candied almonds, and hazelnuts. And, of course, traditional Bolognese cakes such as zuccherini montanari and raviole cookies or mistocchine (similar to pancakes).

Portico di Santa Maria dei Servi
10 November-26 December
9am to 8pm, every day

Bologna at Christmas. 5 Things To Do Like a Bolognese


French Christmas Village

Piazza Minghetti is one of the squares in the city center that I love most. In every season of the year, I pass there to admire the big tree that dominates it and keeps company to the statue of the Italian politician whose name the square takes.
At Christmas, the wooden chalets of the French village fill this already beautiful square of atmosphere. From the little houses come the inviting scents of bread and hot foods.
Locals and tourists visit the market with typical French products and many culinary delights: baguettes, cheeses, sweets, and wines.
If you want, you can have an aperitif to taste oysters and champagne.
Everyone is interested in handicrafts and colorful spices (one of my favorite purchases).
I pass by and smile at the statue of Minghetti. And I guess he looks with sympathy at the humanity that lives the Festive season in his square.

Piazza Minghetti
24 November-24 December
every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Christmas Fair and City Christmas Tree

The Christmas market in Via Altabella, right next to St. Peter’s Cathedral, offers sweets and treats and many handicrafts products.

From here, you are in a great position to go to the nearby Piazza Maggiore, where you can admire the Christmas tree of the city!


22 November – 6 January, open morning and afternoon

Christmas craft nativity scenes

Handmade nativity scenes and more. You will also find Christmas-themed decorations and items in the beautiful Church of the Celestines.

Nov. 12-Dec. 24, open daily 10 a.m.-1:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m.-7 p.m.

After Dec. 8, open all day 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

The roasted chestnuts

From November to the end of the holidays, the roasted chestnut man on Via Rizzoli (portico side) is a certainty and a Bolognese institution.

On the coldest days, I buy a small package of chestnuts that warm hands and thoughts.


Good Christmas, Monica

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Bologna at Christmas. 5 Things To Do Like a Bolognese

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