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Savory Cheese and Cavolo Nero Loaf Bread

Savory Cheese and Cavolo Nero Loaf Bread

Looking for a recipe for tasty bread?

Put some cavolo nero inside your loaf.

I did it. Well, I’ve added also cheese but you do it only if you have or love it.
I made a savory loaf bread that is as crunchy outside as moist and soft inside.
Savory cheese and kale loaf bread is a simple, seasonal recipe for those of you who love kale and the good flavor of bread just taken out of the oven.

Savory Cheese and Cavolo Nero Loaf Bread

The new season of Cavolo Nero.

This may sound incredible.

But until a few years ago, if in Italy you cooked cavolo nero or were Tuscan or a Martian.
Now it’s easily found on fruit and vegetable stands all over Italy, it has a very low cost and a strong flavor. It belongs to the leafy cabbage family and is considered a super food because of its many beneficial properties.

Me too, I’ve been opening my kitchen door to kale for some time now. Usually I cook cavolo nero to make sides or soups but not this time.

Savory Cheese and Cavolo Nero Loaf Bread

About a cavolo nero loaf bread

This cavolo nero bread is rustic and full of taste.

Usually I made it with a whole flour. But you can use any flour you like or a mix of flours.
As cheese I suggest Swiss cheese or Cheddar but you are free to choose your fav.
Only it has to be easy to melt.

The beauty of this bread, besides the amazing flavor, is it’s all mixed in one bowl and no waiting around for it to rise.

It works well for a week if you preserve it covered and, after some days, into the fridge.

If you serve it yet warm, I’m sure it will finished in a hurry.
Otherwise, I cut many slices of cavolo nero bread and I just toast them few minutes before to place on a large dish to share with my family or guests.

I love this bread as one dish where combine 1-2 slices of it with a bowl of fresh salad or a side dish aside.

But I often share cavolo nero bread on the aperitivo table. It works well with a glass of red wine.

Ready to cook together?

Savory Cheese and Cavolo Nero Loaf Bread

Savory Cheese and Cavolo Nero Loaf Bread

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Savory Cheese and Cavolo Nero Loaf Bread Recipe

rectangular bread mold, 20cm
serves 4-6

wholemeal flour, 200 g
3 small eggs
grated Parmigiano Reggiano, 30 g
3 leaves of cavolo nero, blanched in unsalted water
taleggio cheese, 60 g
yeast for savory preparations, 6 g
milk, 180 g + milk to brush the surface
olive oil and salt to taste


Wash the cavolo nero leaves, break in half and blanch in unsalted hot water for 4-5 minutes. Drain, let it cool for a few minutes and then chop the leaves into very small pieces. I usually use kitchen scissors.

Cut the cheese into cubes, very small, set aside.

In a bowl mix the dry ingredients, add eggs, milk and 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix and when the ingredients are well blended, add the cavolo nero and cheese.
Stir again until you have incorporated these last ingredients as well.

Preheat the oven to 180C degrees, not ventilated.

Grease a loaf mould, pour the dough and with a brush wet the surface with a little milk.
In this way it will form a spectacular crust.

Bake in a preheated oven for about 35 minutes. Check the cooking with a wooden stick: if it comes out clean, cavolo nero loaf is ready.

Eat the cake warm.

Savory Cheese and Cavolo Nero Loaf Bread Recipe

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