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Capon Broth Recipe: The Bolognese Festive Broth For Tortellini
Capon Broth Recipe: An Italian Classic of Christmas
I love broth. And you? The classic meat broth, perfect to make soups, risotto and minestre in broth or to cook a roast and that, especially during the coldest days, is to me a comfort food that I eat hot in a cup. Then the vegetable broth that I make in season and I use as…
Cauliflowers Broccoli Minestra Recipe
Cauliflowers Broccoli Minestra. Winter Comfort Food
When winter knocks on the door, comfort food like hot soups is what I need. Maybe a cauliflower and broccoli minestra where broccoli are a cream that embraces pasta and crispy cubes of cauliflower. I’m sitting at the table in the kitchen with a hot “caffè lungo” in a mug. Outdoor is a cold day and I’m…
Creamy Corn Vellutata, Gluten-Free Recipe
Creamy Corn Vellutata, Gluten-Free Recipe
The importance of the ingredients. Develop new recipes starting from one or more ingredients that from inspiration become a dish. The ingredients have a meaning that transcends form and utility, they are the wings of my imagination. When inspiration becomes an idea, it doesn't give me peace until it can drag me into the kitchen. Once…

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