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3 mercati contadini di Bologna
3 Bologna farmers markets I really love
Three Bologna farmers markets I love. They are not the best or even the only ones. They are the ones I visit weekly. Shopping at the market is a habit for my family. It is a chance to get together and come home with something good. Markets are inclusive places of meeting and discovery. Producers are happy to share…
Castelli e borghi di Romagna da vedere
Visiting castles and villages of Romagna
I was born and raised on the border between Emilia and Romagna. Even if Imola is close to Bologna, people speak and eat Romagnolo. So, as a child, I spent all my summer vacations on the Adriatic Riviera. And during spring and fall, I remember Sunday trips toward Romagna and Tuscan Romagna. Returning to Romagna is always a…
Discovering Romagna Toscana
Romagna Toscana: discovering Appennino Romagnolo
If you believe that intact hamlets, uncontaminated nature, good food, and kindness are essential elements for a happy holiday, you are in the right place. I leave you with my travel itinerary to discover the Romagna Apennines known as Romagna Toscana. Romagna Toscana Or Florentine Romagna: this is a historical region of Italy, so-called because although culturally…
When in Romagna. Riccione among piadina and Liberty style villas
Explore Riccione with a guided walking tour with tasty stop
Riccione. For many, it means Viale Ceccarini and discos on the hills. Shopping and entertainment. For me, it means mostly walking. On the seafront and foreshore. Or in the old village, admiring the Art Nouveau and Art Deco villas of Alba and Abissinia. And visiting the hinterland, rich in history and nature. Riccione: walkway promenade, thermal spa, the old…
Where to eat seafood in downtown Bologna
Where to eat seafood in downtown Bologna
In a good seafood restaurant, you need to be able to close your eyes and feel the sea, even in the city. Anything is possible if the place is right. I leave you the address of three seafood restaurants where food and quality swim on the same plate. Discover Bologna with me HERE you will find all…
Bologna: To See, Do, Eat. Mini Summer Guide To The City
Bologna. Mini Summer Guide To The City
Summer exploring the city. If you're planning of visiting Bologna, maybe you could need a guide to explore the City during the summer with some insider's tips about what you need to know what to see, do and eat! “The Learned, The Fat, The Red”. Bologna is nicknamed "La Dotta, La Rossa, La Grassa". "Erudited" is for…
Bologna In Winter, When Hot Chocolate Is In Season
Hot chocolate magically makes everything better. For you with or without panna montata (whipped cream)? For me hot chocolate is rigorously with (a lot) of panna. If you’re like me and food is your number one priority when traveling, you can easily understand the importance to know where to have the right break. Then this list…
Christmas Time. 5 Things To Do As a Bolognese
Christmas in Bologna. Things to do, visit and eat
Christmas in Bologna is so beautiful. It seems dressed in sparkling lights and decorations that she wears like a lady, an elegant coat. On the streets, you feel Christmas music and a magic atmosphere, and people walking wish each other "Buongiorno e auguri" (Good Morning and Happy Christmas). The scent of  Panone  and  Certosino , both…

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