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Bologna In Winter, When Hot Chocolate Is In Season


Hot chocolate magically makes everything better.

For you with or without panna montata (whipped cream)? For me hot chocolate is rigorously with (a lot) of panna.

If you’re like me and food is your number one priority when traveling, you can easily understand the importance to know where to have the right break. Then this list is for you! Avoid the tourist traps and overly priced places, and trust me. I like good food and sweet treats.

If you’re in Bologna and you’re looking for some address where to taste a good hot chocolate, here are my favorites. You can enjoy your piping cup at the bar’s table or, why not, to-go (going around Bologna’s downtown with a hot chocolate, has a different taste).

Bologna in Winter, when Hot Chocolate is in Season

Bologna in Winter, when Hot Chocolate is in Season

My Hot Chocolate Downtown-City-Guide.

I shared my favorite places in the shadow of the Giant. The criteria I used are: good chocolate, good whipped cream and atmosphere. You also find two addresses for to-go hot chocolate.

I’ll wait for you at the end of the post, after the map, with a bit of chitchat.

Love, Monica

Bologna in Winter, when Hot Chocolate is in Season

Bologna in Winter, when Hot Chocolate is in Season

Hot Chocolate To-Go.

Gelateria delle Moline
Bitter chocolate and divine whipped cream
Via Moline 13/B. Opening Times and Info on WEB SITE.

Stefino Bio
Gluten-free and organic also has a vegan version.
Via San Vitale 37/A, Opening Times and Info on WEB SITE

Bologna in Winter, when Hot Chocolate is in Season

Hot Chocolate at the bar.

Il Gelatauro
Among those reported, it’s the least sweet chocolate. And this is a plus for me.
Whipped cream with praise. Chocolate to go, too. Just ask.
Via San Vitale 98 B
Info on its WEBSITE.

La Sorbetteria
Via Castiglione 44
Opening times and info HERE.

Gamberini’s Coffee and Pastry
The large windows of the café overlook Via Ugo Bassi, right in front of the Herb Market. It is the oldest café in the city and preserves beautiful historical furnishings.Via Ugo Bassi 12

Via Ugo Bassi 12
Opening times and info: WEBSITE

Al Bricco d’Oro Bar
Via Farini 6
Opening times on the FACEBOOK PAGE.

Sartoria Bakery Cafè
They serve hot chocolate with cookies. The atmosphere is that of the tea room, warm and welcoming. It is the right place to enjoy a good chocolate with friends or alone with a book. Or simply looking out the large windows overlooking Piazza Aldrovandi.

Piazza Aldrovandi 23 B
Opening times and info: FACEBOOK PAGE

Hot chocolate

Before Winter ends, I hope my map can help you.

I started writing down my favorite addresses in a notebook.

I love all kind of jotters and notebooks. And I have always in my bag one or two of them. Well, I should add also one book. Or two. It depends. For that reason I prefer capacious bags.

Anyway, my notebooks are really important to me. They are a kind of “utility room”.
A sort of hangar where I go to glide ideas, tips, notes while I’m waiting for the right time to come to reflect on them and organize them all.

Some include phrases, suggestions, addresses.
The most precious are the cookbooks. I like to write my recipes by hand and feel under my fingers the marks that the pen leaves on the page.

Finally there are the map notebooks. Where just travel tips and addresses of the places I like.

Then my husband, flipping through one, says: “why don’t you share these pages on the blog? There, why not?

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