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Trendy Bologna – From Breakfast to Dinner at the City’s Greenhouse

Bologna: dalla colazione all'aperitivo vista orto. Serre dei Giardini Margherita

Do you know what happens when aperitivo bumps into a vegetable garden? It’s just born a new cool place! And doesn’t matter if find the vegetable garden into an old renovate urban greenhouse or on a rooftop. What really has worth, is to find the right address where to drink overlooking “herbs & friends (that is tomato and zucchini and so on)”.

Everywhere we can take note of these new openings. Usually are informal places but deep down cool and well-finished.

You have to know that if you aren’t sipping your aperitivo admiring wooden vegetable chests, you guy are no-one. So come on!

Here one of my favorite places with vegetable garden and good food in Bologna.

Serre and Vetro into Giardini Margherita in Bologna

Giardini Margherita is the name of the Bologna’s public park. There find an amazing lab, cafe, bistrot and vegetable garden into old Giardini Margherita greenhouse (called Le Serre that means greenhouse).

Here  it’s possible enjoy food and drinks sitting around herbs and vegetables plant or inside the old greenhouse called Vetro. The place is charming day and night. You’re close to Bologna downtown but surrounded by the green of the old trees of the park and by the vegetable garden. After the sunset, everything became magic under the little eco light bulbs.

All the food is natural. From breakfast to aperitivo and dinner, you find a vegetarian (and vegan) options too. And always find big surprise for omnivorous foodies. In the menu few dishes but original and interesting.

Summer planning offers movie under the stars and live music performance.
No doubt, unmissable.


The Culpeper Garden in London

Culpeper Garden is a lovely herbal rooftop garden right in the middle of East London’s vibe. And here I am, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, in very good company, to try this cosy place out.

The herbal garden on the rooftop is where herbs and vegetable used in the fine dine restaurant at the lower floor are grown, but the same garden also hosts those attracted by a cocktail with some literally “just picked” herbs and would like to enjoy it, viewing the city’s Skyline.

This place is super easy, the drink menu is short but you can decide to accompany your cocktails with the starters from the restaurant.

The atmosphere is very pleasant, pumpkin flowers, salads, herbs and all the greens are truly luxurious, a natural beauty!








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