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Bellini Cocktail made with Sparkling Pignoletto Wine

Bellini Cocktail made with Sparkling Pignoletto Wine of Bologna


I like them when are fresh and light.
Among my favorites there is the famous Bellini that I propose you in a Bolognese version.
Instead of Italian prosecco or champagne (luxury version), I used Pignoletto wine of Colli Bolognesi. A light, white and sparkling wine.

Bellini Cocktail made with Sparkling Pignoletto Wine of Bologna

The original Bellini.

It no needs introduction. It’s a fantastic long drinks made in Italy.

Champagne is used in the most exclusive places; economically more accessible is the one based on prosecco.

Over time, filtered juice of the Veronese white peach has been substituted by packaged peach juice.

When I prepare Bellini during the summer, it is a must to use fresh seasonal peaches, smell and juicy. Otherwise good for the packaged one, I suggest you to choose one without added sugar.

Bellini Cocktail

When Bellini speaks Bolognese: Pignoletto wine.

The cocktail I propose is a reinterpretation in local key. The BO Bellini is a cocktail that represents well the food-era where we should all buy local products and consume more fresh and seasonal fruit. What I mean is that we all can cook Italians or French cuisine but using local produces and ingredients. But making a right exception: when we buy a typical product, it must be genuine and come from the country where the product comes from.

Bellini with a taste of the Bolognese hills is based on Nettarina di Romagna, a local variety of peach, and Pignoletto wine, an indigenous grape variety of Emilia-Romagna that finds its greatest vocation in the territory of the Bologna’s area. In the last years the quality of this sparkling wine is VERY improved and today it has reached excellent levels remaining a product accessible to all.

How to serve it.

A cocktail like Bellini calls for a glass like flûte but, as you can see from the photos, I chose a more solid glass.

As far as the decoration is concerned, I’ll tell you honestly how I think about it: it’s not necessary.

Umbrellas, little boats, twigs, flowers and slices of fruit are simply terrible. So unless you are a world expert in glass decoration: avoid carefully.

Cin Cin, Monica

Bellini Cocktail

Food Tip

Enjoy a refreshing glass of Bellini combined with another Bolognese specialty: do you know brustolini? They are dried and salted pumpkin seeds that you can make yourself. If you want to try them, I’ll wait for you in the post dedicated to Bolognese brustolini.

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Bellini with Pignoletto Wine Recipe

per 1 carafe

Pignoletto wine of Colli Bolognesi, about 600 ml
juice of 3 peaches
or natural peach fruit juice, about 320 ml

you need:
blender and sieve if you use fresh fruit
a beautiful jug


Put Pignoletto wine in the fridge for some hours.

In the meantime wash, peel and remove the peach kernel. Blend the fruit until smooth and sieve it, separating the puree from the liquid.

Attention! If you use fresh fruit, don’t throw away the peach pulp!
Use the puree to make colorful and tasty ice cubes to serve with the cocktail. Just put the pulp in the mold to make little ice cubes.

Pour the peach juice into the carafe, add the sparkling Pignoletto, stir gently and serve.

While preparing Bellini, mix juice and sparkling wine tasting to reach the balance you prefer. The cocktail can be more or less alcoholic, it depends on your taste.

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