Bologna foodie map: the best places where to taste hot chocolate

Hot chocolate magically makes everything better, even on these recent winter feeling days. When I was already dreaming of Spring the sky filled with clouds and chilly winds.
So before Winter ends, I’m writing a blogpost dedicated to chocolate. To hot chocolate with whipped cream, to be precise. And where in Bologna I find my favorites.

This best hot chocolate guide in Bologna was born as a map.
You have to know that I love all kind of jotters and notebooks. And I have always in my bag one or two of them. Well, I should add also one book. Or two. It depends. For that reason I prefer capacious bags. But usually I haul all day long a very heavy bag.

Anyway, my notebooks are really important to me. They are a kind of “utility room”. A sort of hangar where I go to glide ideas, tips, notes while I’m waiting for the right time to come to reflect on them and organize them all.

My notebooks

Are all pink or violet. Above all I love the marks of the pen on the page. There are notebooks full of messy notes. Others where I write my own recipes, then those where I write my special addresses.

Each map on my notebook is full of my favorites places I discovered and I could never leave without.

Yesterday I found my lovely Mr. Bolognese peeking through the pages of one of them. He looks at me and says: why don’t you share these maps on the blog?
And so here I’m. I’m so happy to share a sweet map dedicated to my beautiful city, Bologna. Before Winter ends, what do you think about chatting about hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate

At the beginning of the Winter, I declared hot chocolate would be with me for all the cold season. Indeed hot chocolate has been the queen among my Winter hot beverages. And I would like to add another word to this argument. I’ll drink it until the last cold hour of the season. It’s no coincidence that my homemade ready hot chocolate jar is always within arm’s reach.

Don’t know where to taste your hot chocolate in Bologna?

For this reason, I decided to create this ultimate hot chocolate map for Bologna.

If you’re like me and food is your number one priority when traveling, you can easily understand the importance to know where to have the right break. Then this list is for you! Avoid the tourist traps and overly priced places, and trust me. I like good food and sweet treats.

I love hot chocolate. Very hot and with (a lot of) whipped cream. I have a method. First of all I eat my panna montata. For this reason it has to be artisanal and made “espresso” at the moment. While I eat slowly my cloud of panna, I’m waiting for the chocolate to cool down to better taste the true chocolate flavor. I love both sweeter and bitter hot chocolate.

My choice is a selection of places where the great couple (hot chocolate + panna montata) work well together.

Where you find my fav hot chocolate in Bologna

Il Gelatauro
Via San Vitale 98 B
Info on its WEBSITE.

Among all, I find hot chocolate of Gelatauro a little less sweet.

Sartoria Bakery Cafè
Piazza Aldrovandi 23 B
Opening times and info: FACEBOOK PAGE

La Sorbetteria
Via Castiglione 44
Opening times and info HERE.

Sorbetteria and Gelatauro are both ice-cream parlours (gelaterie) and bar. At the Gelatauro, you can ask your hot-chocolate-with-panna-to-go.

Then two other places.
The first one is caffè and pasticceria Gamberini. A historical cafeteria of Bologna from 1907. Old style with huge windows on the beauty Via Ugo Bassi. It is located in the very heart of the city downtown and just in the front of Mercato delle Erbe.

The second one is an iconic place. In the 1970s and 1980s it was the place where you could find Signore-bene (ladies) of Bologna taking a break from their shopping tours. And at the aperitivo time, there you mostly found many descendants of Bologna’s rich families. They made a sort of “dolce vita” but in Bologna they were called biasanott that literally means “to chew the night” (biasa+nott) to say they didn’t go to sleep until sunrise.

Those were the days! Anyways, hot chocolate with panna is always one of the best in town.

I personally prefer the little dining room of this ones to the luxurious tables of the first:

Caffè e pasticceria Gamberini
Via Ugo Bassi 12
Opening times and historical info: WEBSITE
Al Bricco d’Oro
Via Farini 6
Opening times on the FACEBOOK PAGE.

While I’m writing, Mr. Bolognese says me that also Cremeria di Santo Stefano makes good hot chocolate. It means I have to taste it, what do you think?

ciao, Monica

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