Avocado toast: the perfect lunch if you’re a freelancer

New year, new life. That’s what they always say at the beginning of a new year, especially for us women. For someone means to freshen up the look with a new hairstyle. For someone else to start over again.

But for me this year the saying “new year, new life” meant to pack my entire life inside some boxes, quit my job, moving to 830 miles away with my partner and to find a flat in London docklands area. I throw myself headlong into a new business as a freelancer.

Better take a ride to the hairdresser? Naaaaah….

Avocado toast: the perfect lunch if you’re a freelancer

Moving to London

So here I am, with my new life in London and my new job as a freelancer. If getting used to a new city as London is not easy, after nearly 10 years working as an employee, learn to manage your time autonomously is not a picnic.

But, let’s go with order and give priority to topics. Between clients, potential ones to meet, deadlines, house to manage… you can never forget the most important thing for us who are passionate about food: lunch!

If you’ve always been accustomed to your classic 60 minutes of “yard times”, keep going reading.

Dear old habits

Leave the desk, wear your jacket, get your bag, meal tickets, catch the elevator. You forgot your badge, go back, take the badge, get the elevator again. Clock out, synchronize all the clocks you have to not mess up, run to the bar. The first one is too crowded, the second as well. If you accidentally enter the third you’re a French fry with legs, so go straight for the fourth.

OK, maybe that’s the right one, you go in, look at the menu and order yelling something to the bartender that knows you and knows what to get you. Check if in the meanwhile you received some e-mail that are a matter of life and death by your boss. Get the sandwich and swallow it while you watch the clock running, throw the ticket meal to the cashier.

Run back to the office, beat your colleagues to the prize and clock in after 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Catch the elevator, take off your jacket, you’re back at your desk and you’re more tired than 3 hours at the gym.

Avocado toast: the perfect lunch if you’re a freelancer

Avocado toast: the perfect lunch if you’re a freelancer

Ready to (re)start as freelancer

Remembering these marathons to survive into the office, since I started my new life, lunchtime has become my favorite part of the day.

Which is the perfect recipe for the perfect lunch as a freelancer?

Definitely something you can do quick and easy, but still tasty. So here’s the recipe of the legendary avocado toast: very simple to prepare and to enjoy in front of the screen of your laptop! Here you will find the one with salmon, for a right amount of omega 3 and good fats (Yes, the good fats does exist!).


Food tip
  • The best bread for avocado toast is multigrain and homemade

for 1 person

4 slices of sandwich bread
1 small avocado (not overripe, otherwise it is hard to cut it into thin slices)
100 grams of smoked salmon
½ squeezed lemon
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
a pinch of salt and 1 of pepper
a handful of sesame or poppy seeds


The procedure is very simple: cut the avocado in two half, remove the peel and core.

Cut it lengthwise, getting some thin slices. Put the slices on a plate and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Meanwhile toast the slices of bread until they become crispy and well browned on the surface.

Arrange avocado slices on bread, cut into strips the slices of smoked salmon and put them on bread. Add avocado slices again.

Finishing touch: a sprinkling of sesame or poppy seeds and “le jeux sont fait”.
Bon appetit to all freelancers in the world!


Avocado toast: the perfect lunch if you’re a freelancer

Avocado toast: the perfect lunch if you’re a freelancer

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